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Cookbook Review: The Cheesecake Bible

Updated on September 28, 2008

Are you a fan of rich and creamy cheesecake? Do you wait for special occasions or restaurant meals before you splurge on this decadent dessert? That's the case with many people - not because they don't want to enjoy cheesecake more frequently, but because they find the prospect of baking cheesecake at home to be intimidating.

If you want to overcome your fear of tackling homemade cheesecake, consider adding The Cheesecake Bible by baking instructor George Geary to your cookbook collection. With more than 200 recipes and clear, easy-to-follow instructions, The Cheesecake Bible demystifies the process of preparing and baking homemade cheesecakes for anyone who wants to learn how to do so.

The book opens with a description of the tools and equipment you'll need to create first rate homemade cheesecake in your kitchen, including rubber spatulas, a balloon whisk, dry and liquid measuring cups, a selection of cheesecake pans, and more. You'll also find details about common ingredients used in many cheesecake recipes followed by frequently asked questions (and answers) about how to make cheesecake. You'll find out how to prevent cracking, a grainy texture, and over or underbaking.

The book also contains specific instructions for creating perfect cheesecakes time and time again. You'll learn the proper way to mix and blend cheesecake batter and for adding extracts and other flavoring agents. You'll also learn the correct way to bake cheesecakes, including making sure that the oven is properly preheated and that the oven rack is placed directly in the center of the oven. You'll also discover the secret of how to tell when a cheesecake is fully cooked. (Hint: don't wait for it to become firm; it will be overdone if you do so!)

Master Many Types of Cheesecakes

With more than 200 terrific cheesecake recipes, you're sure to find the perfect variety for every occasion.

Traditional Cheesecake Recipes Include

  • Blue Ribbon Cheese Cake
  • New York Style Cheesecake
  • English Toffee Cheesecake
  • Rum Raisin Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake Recipes Include

  • Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake
  • Milk Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
  • White Chocolate Velvet Cheesecake

Citrus Cheesecake Recipes Include

  • Florida Key Lime Cheesecake
  • Lemon Mist Cheesecake
  • Lemon Lime Cheesecake
  • Mandarin Orange Cheesecake

Savory Cheesecake Recipes Include

  • Artichoke Cheesecake
  • Salsa Cheesecake
  • Savory Herb Cheesecake
  • Swiss Alps Cheesecake

Many Other Cheesecake Recipes

These are just a few of the many, delightful cheesecake recipes that you'll learn to make when you add The Cheesecake Bible to your cookbook collection. You'll be able to make a delicious cheesecake for every occasion, confident in the knowledge that if you follow the simple instructions you'll enjoy perfect results every time.


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  • allshookup profile image

    allshookup 9 years ago from The South, United States

    Well, now you have done gone and found one of my passions. Love the hub! And LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheesecake! Tuesday is my birthday and I'm hoping for a cheesecake birthday cake. Wish me luck! :)