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Cookbook Review: The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook

Updated on November 7, 2010

Are you a fan of sweet potatoes? Do you wish that you knew more about how to prepare sweet potatoes? While there are a few standard ways to prepare sweet potatoes (like baking them or making candied sweet potatoes), there is so much more that you can do with this tasteful, healthy tuber. You’ll have an opportunity to learn many different preparation options when you read The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook by Lyniece North Taldmadge.

About The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook

Officially titled The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook: More than 100 Ways to Enjoy the World’s Healthiest Food, this book delivers exactly what its name promises. If you’re looking for creative and interesting ways to work more sweet potatoes into your family’s diet, the time you spend reading this book will certainly be time well spent.

The book opens with a brief introduction about the history of the sweet potato as a food source as well as a few interesting facts and figures about this interesting food. You’ll learn about the worldwide influence of the sweet potato throughout history as an affordable food source that has been around for centuries. Following the introductory and fact sections, the book goes on to provide preparation instructions for numerous (more than 100!) ways to cook and serve this tasteful tuber.

The recipes in The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook are well written and written in a manner that is easy to follow, so even novice home cooks will be able to quickly and easily learn how to make the many delicious recipes presented in the book.

After you read this book and practice a few of the recipes, you’ll no longer feel that sweet potatoes should be reserved only for special occasion meals and holiday dinners. You’ll have many great ideas for simple, healthful ways to prepare sweet potatoes for everyday meals any time of the year.

Examples of Recipes in The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook

There are recipes in The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook that will allow you to incorporate sweet potatoes into your meals in many different ways. You’ll find out how to make all kinds of dishes with sweet potatoes from reading this book – including appetizers, side dishes, main courses, breads and desserts.

A few of my favorite recipes in this book include:

  • Apple Sweet Potato Bread
  • Bacon and Orange Sweet Potatoes
  • Breakfast Sweet Potatoes
  • Garlic Sweet Potatoes
  • Sausage Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Sweet Potato Cheese Bread
  • Sweet Potato Cookies
  • Sweet Potato Pound Cake
  • Walnut and Bourbon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Many other tasty dishes


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