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Cookbook for Kids – Green Princess Cookbook

Updated on March 12, 2011

Do you want your kids to learn how to cook while at the same time getting an important lesson about environmental responsibility? The Green Princess Cookbook, written by Barbara Beery, founder of the Austin, Texas-based "Batter Up Kids" cooking school for youngsters, can help you do just that!

The recipes in the Green Princess Cookbook are written with kids in mind. The instructions are very detailed, and spell out step by step directions for preparing tasty treats that young people are sure to love. Each recipe is accompanied by a large photograph, making it easy for young chefs to see what the dish they are preparing should look like when it is finished.

Environmentally Responsible Food Choices

Green Princess Cookbook opens with a glossary of food terms often used in green cooking, to help children understand what many of the words and phrases they are likely to encounter when shopping for food really mean. Children who read this book will learn the meaning of phrases such a "farm-to-table", "buying local", "community supported agriculture", "organic", and other related terms. Readers are encouraged to use local and organic ingredients when making the recipes in the book.

Examples of Green Princess Cookbook Recipes

Kids of all ages will have fun making and eating the tasty treats they'll find instructions for in the Green Princess Cookbook. With this book, youngsters can learn how to make such taste tempting treats as:

  • Cornbread in a Recycled Can
  • Flower Power Cookies
  • Fresh from the Vine Very Berry Jam
  • Handmade Fiesta Tortillas
  • Hooray for Homemade Butter
  • Nature's Veggie Nachos
  • Power Up Fruity Cup
  • Solar Power Strawberry Lemonade
  • Vine Fresh Veggie Queso

Additional Information

The book also includes environmentally responsible tips, spread throughout the book. The tips are the types of things that kids can do themselves, serving the important purpose of reinforcing the belief that one person can make a difference by making small changes in daily habits.

About the Author

In addition to running "Batter Up Kids", Beery has written a number of cookbooks for children in the Pink Princess collection. She holds a Bachelor's degree in elementary education and was a school teacher for more than a decade prior to entering the world of culinary education for children when she founded Batter Up Kids in 1991. Beery is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). She also works with the Texas Department of Agriculture, creating healthful and child-friendly recipes that are distributed to elementary schools throughout the state.


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