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Cooking Chinese Food: How To Use a Wok

Updated on June 6, 2011

A Wok

Stir Frying

This is a classic and a common household item; it creates easy and healthy food in a matter of minutes and it takes good. It only needs little oil and frequent stirring which allows foods like vegetables to keep their crunch.

Prepare before cooking such as cutting the meat and seasoning the foods beforehand this is because you won’t have time once you start cooking.

Cut the meat and vegetables into small chunks, this is will ensure they cook well under the heat of the wok and it will also retain its flavour and juice.

The Wok

1. Heat it first at medium heat preferably it would take only a few minutes

2. Add oil and pick the wok and swirl it around the wok, it will begin to smoke when the oil is hot, this means it is ready

3. Throw in the flavourings which is usually spring onion (chopped), ginger and garlic (also chopped very small) followed by the food.

4. If you want to add rice or noodles add it last as they are already cooked and don’t need as much time.

Deep Frying on the Wok

This is not particularly healthy at all so if you want a treat of deep fry food you will need a lot of oil, use older oil you have stored if you have any to save good oil or if you do use new oil just save it for the next time you deep fry.

It is best to use corn oil or any cooking oil will suffice preferably with high heating points.

Don’t eat deep fried food regularly there are alternative cooking methods such as grilling or using an oven.

Always drain the food after frying them use several pieces of kitchen roll in a bowl or plate to drain excess oils, three to four pieces will do, make sure you buy high quality kitchen roll it may stick to the food.

Invest in a spider scoop to pick up the deep fried food from the wok

Here are a few popular deep fried foods

Chips (have once in a while use oven to cook these for health purposes)

Prawn Crackers

Twinkies, Mars bars


Steaming on the Wok

Fill the wok to about half way with water and heat it and then place a bamboo steamer inside to put the food inside and cover it after.

Steam to your desire or follow a recipe instruction, this is very healthy eating and it looks damn good and natural when serving guest or making a nice meal for yourself, serve on the bamboo steamer as it will keep the food warm and it eye candy on the dining table.

Cleaning the Wok- Wok's are mostly non sticky or buy a non-sticky in particular use warn water and soap along with a sponge to gently clean the wok after use. If you dont feel like wasking immediately leave water in it to soak.

Avoid use metal utensilt when stirring food in the wok as it can scratch the metal off and you done want that in your food.


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