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Cooking Fresh Food Fast

Updated on August 9, 2012

Egg Casserole

Cooking Fresh Food Fast

The question I ask myself everyday is what is fast foods .......really is there such a thing , To me fast food can be anything you want it to be if you know how to prepare it correctly Now don't get me wrong here you can't go to your freezer and then try to cook something fast .....What I'm talking about is cooking fresh food fast ...that right I don't care what it really is you can cook it I mean what I say it can be dairy, seafood, poultry, pork, or beef yes if there fresh they can be cooked fast

i believe working with any of these proteins can deliver a tasty and delicious entree, and by cooking it fresh and doing it yourself your going to save some money also. Lets start with the dairy come on grab out some eggs and lets do a quick 6 egg casserole, all you need to do is add 6 eggs to bowl, a touch of heavy cream you favorite herbs and vegetables with a pinch of salt and pepper. Heat up a oven proof pan and saute your vegetables when done remove them and add your eggs to the pan, stir eggs for a few seconds then add your vegetables let the eggs set up a minute Then cover with your favorite grated cheese then place under you broiler for 3 minutes until puffy and slightly golden brown......And serve ......Now if you want to make this casserole healthy just replace the cream with some soy milk..

Now iif your wanting to make a quick seafood entree .....Lets try working with some Mussels they are really economical and if done correctly they are very tasty....all you have to do is is first scrub and remove the beard and also throw out any open ones....Then simmer in a liquid I use chicken stock for 5 minutes until they open up then I serve with a melted garlic butter ...But if I want to take it up a notch just toss your mussels into your favorite tomato sauce and serve over your favorite pasta and a little pepper flakes to zest up the flavor along with a nice piece of french bread .Serve and enjoy ....One thing about mussels they are very high in potassium and low-fat .

We all know that poultry is a very common food item but chicken is in the forefront and most love to have that chicken breast .....But for me that chicken thigh is the tasty and juicy and really packed with flavor and the price of thighs are really cheap these days ...i'm telling you there are so many ways to prepare a chicken one of the ways I like to use them is to pull remove the skin and then slice the thighs into 1/2 inch pieces I spray the pan with cooking oil then I saute then when they are just about done I add a little soy sauce about 2 tablespoons, 1/2 cup of orange juice along with 2 teaspoons of cornstarch add that to the frying pan then cover and simmer until it thickens and serve over some rice. That calls for some good eating if you ask me.

If you ask me about pork I would say that pork chops are one of the cheapest cuts of meat on a pig, and you can really cook them fast one of my favorite way is to pan fry then, I season then with a pinch of sea salt and black pepper then I coat them in a little mixture of corn starch and flour then I fry them in a hot pan with a little olive oil cooking for 2 minutes on each side.....then I add a little chicken stock lemon juice from one lemon and pearl onions I let it simmer until it thickens a little the I serve them with mash potatoes on the side....It's soooooo gooood....Serve and enjoy.

Beef what can I say its's America's food's the most consume protein in the world but one of the cheapest cut and easiest piece to prepare is the flank steak .....You can do a flank steak very fast all you need to do is get a large skillet very hot season the steak with salt and pepper then add your steak to the skillet let it coo on each side for about 2 minutes each while its cooking open a can of whole potatoes drained, dice tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste and some sliced onions ....After turning your steak add your onions then add 2 cups of water the tomato paste, potatoes, and the dice tomatoes let this simmer together adjust seasoning if needed with salt and pepper, i add a hint of hot sauce then I remove my steak then slice it thin and add it pack to the skillet then serve it all together over some pasta. then enjoy.

To me this is fast food fresh ....Nothing here takes over 15 minutes to cook ans 15 minutes is you taking a trip to your favorite fast food restaurant then orsering then deciding were to eat it.


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