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Tips on Cooking Fresh Lobsters

Updated on June 14, 2011
Bahamian spiny lobster
Bahamian spiny lobster | Source

Bahamian Lobster

Growing up in the Bahamas i was exposed to seafood everyday of my life. There were seasonal foods from the ocean and Lobster is one of those. Bahamian lobsters are known as spiny lobsters and are found in the clean, clear waters of the Bahamas in crevices of rocks off the coral reefs.

The meat is succulent and these spiny versions of lobster are typically spotted and bright in color and delicious.

These lobsters are known to be socially inclined traveling en masse together over the ocean floor, usually at night. Venturing out to find food like snails and crab. When wandering the ocean floor at night they stay connected to one another through the touching of their antennaes.

The season for catching or trapping spiny lobster in Bahamian waters are closely observed. From August 1st to March 31st they can be trapped, and caught in a variety of ways. To participate in harvesting lobster you must carry a valid fishing license.

There are also rules that must be observed like daily limits on how many you capture and the size of the lobster that you can keep or throw back. You must free dive or use snorkle gear when you are going for lobster in the Bahamas or suffer legal consequences.

Trapping is the way that Bahamian fisherman get and harvest lobster during the season. They build traps of tin and other materials, making artificial shelters that attract lobsters along the reef. They are usually held in place by something heavy like cement blocks, so they are not moved by the current and are marked by floating plastic milk jugs.

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The Bahamas
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These chain of islands are found off the coast of Florida.

Lobster shell
Lobster shell | Source
Lobster salad
Lobster salad | Source

Maine lobster

Living in the United States it is easier for me to purchase and get Maine lobsters. They are readily available in the grocery store. Although they are distantly related to the salt water Bahamian spiny lobster, Maine lobsters are very different.

For one they prefer fresh cold clean water . These lobsters are usually greyish in color when they are fresh, they have claws and their shell or skeleton is smooth.

Lobsters in Maine are harvested all year round, but typically most are caught from late June to late December. Which is if you notice coincides with it's ready availability in seafood restaurants and the grocery stores. The harvesters can be a captain only or a captain with one or two assistants.

Live Maine lobster
Live Maine lobster | Source


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Maine, USA
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The best in American lobsters are found in Maine and are harvested year round, mostly between late June and late December. The coastal towns thrive.

Cooking whole live lobster

Cooking lobster is as simple as boiling water!

You will need a large pot.


Strainer and serving platter

Live lobsters, leave rubber bands on.

Salt optional.

What to do:

1. Fill the pot more than half almost 3/4 full of water. Add salt, optional

2. Allow the water to come to a rolling boil.

3. Then add lobster, claws first, allow to boil until it becomes pink or red about 6 to 8 minutes depending on size.

4. Remove with tongs, placing in a cold bath to stop cooking or in a serving dish to serve.

Cooking fresh lobster tails

To me this is a little different than just plopping the lobster in the pot and boiling it.

You need:

Large saucepan with a lid, a glass top is ideal so that you can see when the tail changes color.


salt optional

butter optional

serving platter

What to do:

1. Fill saucepan halfway with water

2. Bring to a rolling boil.

3. Add salt and butter.

4. Add lobster tails to pan

5. Reduce heat to medium, still really hot but not too much excessive bubbling

6. Cover with lid, watch for changing of color about 5 to 7 minutes. You are looking for the shell to be pink or red.

7. Remove the lobster from the water and serve.

How to cook lobster


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