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Cooking With Leftover Hot Dogs

Updated on June 10, 2013

Cooking Leftover Hot Dogs

Now that we know a little bit about were the hot dog craze started lets talk about hot we like to fix them, I know a lot of people just love a chili dog or regular hot dog with mustard and relish but to be honest they are making hot dogs all kind of ways, grilled, fried, barbequed even deep fried, some places even have them wrapped in bacon and they all taste so good.

We al know hat when you go and order a hot dog a restaurant they are cooked to order but when your home with the family or out with friends at a barbeque you cook a lot so that everyone will get there fill but when every one have gotten really full of those tasty hot dogs what do they do with the leftovers. well today I want to share with you a few ways to make some great tasting meals out of leftover hot dogs that you and your family will love.

I don't know about you but at my house we always seem to have more hot dogs than buns I don't know why but it just happens but when I say that I am going to show you a few ways to recook your leftover hot dogs I'm not talking about just adding a can of baked beans to some cut up hot dogs I talking about really good tasty meal that even your family and friends will enjoy.

First of all let me start by saying that hot dogs are a protein and can be use just like any other protein that your making a dish with just like if it was beef, chicken or turkey because it's made from one of those sources and can be paired with almost anything rather it's in a salad or in some chili or even over some rice using a leftover hot dog can make a complete meal.

There are many ways to use leftover hot dogs I'm going to show you a few then you an try mine or you can be creative and come up with your own.

The World Of Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs the questions is were did they come from ......well lets begin in my opinion the hot dog was the second coming of the sausage that was first brought to the world by the Germans when they were making the Vienna sausage, which eventually became shortened to wiener.

But some of the credit of making the hot dog what it is today is a guy by the name of Charles Feltman, of Feltman's Gardens in Coney Island amusement park. were he had the coney island hot dog that then went on to be served in amusement parts and sports parks all of the world.

When the hot dog craze came out it was a fully cooked sausage that was grilled, steamed or boiled then served on a bun but with at being said even the word frankfurter which also comes from Germany

There are a lot of claims about who was one who gave birth to the hot dog but I do know this they are one of the most eaten foods in the world today There are more people eating some sort of hot dog every were in America and beyond.

After doing a little research the first hot dogs made was made with pork, breadcrumbs, eggs and water then seasonings then blended together in a meat grinder or a food processor, and then they are stuffed into sausage casings.

Most hot dogs that are store brought are precooked then shipped to your local markets then you buy them and recook them to your liking. We all know that with most things that makes history the story on how and when it happened is never the same but one thing we do know is that the hot dog is here to stay.

Leftover Hot dog Tacos

Just because it's leftover hot dog in this dish does not mean it can't taste good or look good.
Just because it's leftover hot dog in this dish does not mean it can't taste good or look good. | Source

Cooking With Leftover Hotdogs

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Cooking Leftover Hot dog Tacos

I really don't know to many people who do not like a good taco because they are full of flavor and you can even add some heat to them to make a little spicy, Now when I'm using my leftover hot dogs to make a tasty taco I like to dice my hot dog then dice my onions I use some spicy salsa this give your taco a nice flavor base I use some shredded cheese, lettuce and sour cream.

Now to bring this taco together after everything is diced up get out you large sauté pan and add a little bit of olive oil in a medium hot pan then sauté the onions then add the hot dogs to get them hot for about 1 minute then grab out your tortillas then start putting these tasty tacos together by adding the shredded lettuce the hot dogs and onion mixture the salsa the shredded cheese and the sour cream then you can dig in and enjoy.

And if you want to take this tasty treat up another notch or to add a little bit of extra color just add some red and green bell peppers into your onion and hot dog mixture while your sauteing this will give it a great crunch to your tacos.

Leftover Hot Dog Fried Rice

Using your leftover hot dogs to make a great tasting fried rice is a perfect way to take a great product to another level.
Using your leftover hot dogs to make a great tasting fried rice is a perfect way to take a great product to another level. | Source

Leftover Hot Dog Fried Rice

One way to make a meal that will stick to your ribs and fill you up is to add a little rice to it and that's what I did with these leftover hot dogs added it to some rice and paired it with a great flavor base.

This fried rice mixture is just what the doctor ordered ........What I did was cooked the rice according to the package then set aside then I sliced my leftover hot dogs then I small chopped up some green bell peppers, onions and added it into a large skillet with olive oil in a medium hot pan I then added the cooked rice, chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lemon juice and heat it through for about 2 minutes then serve.

Now follow me if you want to take this dish to another level and add some more color and flavor you can add some black beans, corn and some chopped mango to boost this meal up that will have your family and friends asking for more.

Leftover Hot Dog Nachos

If you have a group of family and fiends coming over there is nothing better than using some Nachos and your leftover hot dogs....YUM.
If you have a group of family and fiends coming over there is nothing better than using some Nachos and your leftover hot dogs....YUM. | Source

Leftover Hot Dog Nachos

Nachos.......NaChOs,.....nachos, there nothing better to serve if you have a lot of people and if your using your leftover hot dogs it makes the treat even more better all you have to do is chop up your hot dogs add it to a medium hot pan with a little bit of cooking spray added to the pan can then add the hot dogs, black beans, chopped tomatoes, green onions to the mixture. Place your nachos n a oven ready serving dish pile up the nacho tortilla chips very high then top them with the hot dog mixture add some shredded cheese then place in the oven to melt cheese serve with some sour cream and a little cilantro and enjoy.

This will be one tasty treat that everyone will love........Happy Eating.


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    • Handicapped Chef profile image

      Handicapped Chef 4 years ago from Radcliff Ky

      jabelufroz thanks for the comment and the vote these are very tasty dishes please try and give me some feed back.

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      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Well done. Voted up and useful.