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Cooking in the strangest places

Updated on May 23, 2010

My friend Hazel is a amazing person who loves to cook healthy foods for her children and family.

just a really beautiful dish I really hope you enjoy her story.
just a really beautiful dish I really hope you enjoy her story.

Hazel Papi's story about her love of cooking


Hello family, it's funny how you meet people during the strangest places and times, never knowing that you have something in common, thats how funny the world is these days. The other day I was on face book and notice a face book family member was posting some really nice photo's of food that she was preparing, so you know I just had to ask her about her love for cooking and i asked her to tell my cooking network about her love for cooking like all of us here have so here is her story.........I would like you all to meet Hazel Papi, my face book cooking friend.

I've always liked eating healthy and staying fit however, being a cook in the military changed that. Working from 4-7 daily left no room for this.I was always tired and never wanted to do much but eat fast food and go to sleep. However, I have been out the Navy almost a year now and am finally transitioning myself out of that environment. One day we were grocery shopping and I saw the blacberries, it reminded me of when I was little and me and my bros and sisters used. To pick them off the trees and eat them all the time. They were soooo good!my son fell in love with strawberries and cream so I bought both since I figure they were pretty healthy and even more yummy. The crackers were randomly selected also bec we usually skip the crackers but for some reason they wanted it. So I purchased it. The fruit snacks contain 100% Vitamin C and while I usually just let my children eat these alone, I just figured they would make a yummy yet healthy topping. All of these ingredients helped make the perfect snack for any child to enjoy! There was not one crumb left their plates.

I just want to thank Hazel for sharing her story with us she really impressed me with her dish, I hope she joins our site and continue to share her thoughts about cooking and even gives us a recipe or two, by looking at her dishes you can tell that she has a love for good food..........So keep on cooking Hazel maybe we can do a kid cook book together one day.


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