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Cordy Cafe

Updated on January 24, 2010

Discover your Health with Cordycafe:

Tiens Cordycafe, uniquely enriched with herb Cordyceps, is an irresistible complement for your drinking pleasure.

A Health Drink Containing:
• Foaming non dairy creamer• Herb Cordyceps sinensis• Coffee extract• Skimmed milk powder• Tricalcium phosphate• Aspartame• Condensed milk powder.


· Drinking a cup of hot, aromatic coffee under a cosy environment with some friends, is a moden lifestyle which many people often look forward to. Tiens Cordycafe, uniquely enriched with cordyceps, is an irresistible compliment to your drinking pleasures.

· Cordycafe helps stimulate the central nervous system and tired muscles and invigorates your spirit and mind, enhance work efficiency and productivity. In addition, it stimulates the sympathetic nerves and inhibits the parasympathetic nerves to prevent asthma caused by over excitation.

· Cordycafe also helps digestion and prevent gastroptosis. As caffeine can break up fats, coffee is the preferred beverage for many in the West after a meal of high calories food.

· Cordycafe also contains a garlic removing substance and is a must after eating food spiced with garlic.

· Meat seasoned with some Cordycafe will be more delicious.

· Latest studies reveal that drinking a few cups of coffee a day helps prevent gallstone. Taking Cordycafe modestly will cause no harm to health. Instead it is beneficial to the body.

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