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Delicious Corned Beef Pie.

Updated on May 9, 2016

Corned Beef Pie


Corned Beef Pie Quick, Simple And Very Tasty

So you want to make the daddy of all corned beef pie I'll show you how! My corned beef pie is not only delicious it costs very little to put together, and is quick and simple to make.


1 tin of corned beef

1 onion

3 medium sized potatoes or two large

800 grams of plain flower

200 grams of Lard or simular

200 grams of butter

2 tablespoons of curry powder

a splash of Hendersons, Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce or half a stock cube alternative half a teaspoon of Marmite.

Tomato puree/black pepper these are optional if you don't have them lying about no need to buy.

Corned Beef Pie How it's done

Right so you've got all your ingredients and you're good to go to make a great Corned Beef Pie let's get started.

First of all peel your potatoes and then dice them into small cubes you're not looking for perfection here you just want your potatoes in little bits.

Do the same with the onion and throw the lot into a wok with a spash of oil or use a nob of butter or lard which ever is handy keep this on a lowish heat and stir around ocasionally so they don't burn.

While that's in the wok open your tin of corned beef and slice it up into about 6 pieces then half those pieces. throw it the wok and stir.

Now put in your two tablespoons full of curry powder and a generous gulp of hendersons relish or alternative I used Marmite but have used all of the alternatives and the corned beef pie tastes yummy!

If you have tomato puree put some in now about a tablespoon full should do it and a sprinkling of black pepper if you don't have black pepper put another half of tablespoon full of curry powder in.

Give this a good stir then cover the lot with water not too much you just want the ingredients barely covered. Now leave this to simmer on a lowish heat, stir occasionally so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the wok/pan.

Mixing bowl

Corned Beef Pie, now for the pastry.

If you haven't made pastry before you'll be worried this is the scary bit, don't it couldn't be simpler and I'll show you how to make lovely pastry for your corned beef pie.

first of all you'll need a large mixing bowl I've included a picture so you have an idea of what you want.

weigh out roughly 800grams of plain flower that's 1 pound and 12 ounce in gods weight and throw it in the mixing bowl.

measure out 200grams of lard or similar, 7 ounces in gods weight chop into pieces and you've guessed it, throw it in the mixing bowl. Do the same with the butter, no need to cut it into pieces though!

Now for the fun bit get your hands in the mixing bowl and mix it all up, keep going and after a few minutes that sticky mess will turn into something that looks like bread crumbs.

Now for the really sticky bit. fill up a pint glass with water and throw 3 quarters of it into your mix, get your hands in there once again and mix the life out of it. No crying to Mama that your hand are getting tired just keep massaging between your fingers until it begins to lose its stickiness and forms into a ball. At this point you can just keep turning it and use your palms and fist to knead the bread don't worry to much about technique you'll get a feel for it as you do it. Once you've had a few minutes playing around and you have a nice feeling bouncy ball of dough. relax and stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Now make sure your wok ingredients are fine you want to get to the stage where all the excess water has evaporated or been absorbed once this happens take off the heat. if it still needs time don't worry just chill out like your dough for twenty minutes, keeping an occasional eye on your wok/pan

20 Miutes Later-finishing off Your Corned Beef Pie

Now you're suitably relaxed get your dough out of the fridge. first of all you need a place to role out your dough so sweep those beer cans to one side give a good wipe down and give a good dusting of flour to the work surface you'll be using, this will stop your dough from sticking. Split your dough in two separate balls one slightly larger than the other. Take your largest ball and put it in middle of your work surface dust your rolling pin(Cold beer can if you don't have a rolling pin works just as good if not better) with flower and begin to role out your dough until it's big enough to cover the inside of your pie dish and hang over the edges. The dish I used was A4 size and two inches deep quite big so if you are not making one as big you'll have to reduce your ingredient amounts accordingly.

Lift up your rolled out pastry and line your dish with it, being careful not to break it as you line your dish. If you do don't worry just patch it up as best you can.

Now place your wok ingredients into the dish and spread out evenly and place to one side.

Now grab your other pastry ball and role it out large enough to cover the top of your dish. once your happy you've made the right size. place it on top of your dish you need to have left enough pastry round the edges so that you can fold the top layer of pastry under the bottom. use a knife to cut of any excess leaving enough to fold and then do just that fold the top over the bottom an tuck it in.

To decorate the edges of your pie simply place your thumb and forefinger about an inch apart at the edge of your pastry and use the index finger of your other hand to raise the pastry from bellow up between the gap of your thumb and forefinger repeat all the way round the pie. To finish off the pie prick the top with a fork several times to allow heat to escape.

Now turn on your oven pre heat to 200c place in your lovingly crafted corned beef pie and bake for 40minutes.(allow longer for non assisted fan ovens) If you used a beer can rolling pin now would be a good time to dust it down and enjoy.

My pie half eaten

Corned beef pie finished-40 mins later

Behold your lovely corned beef pie is ready hope you enjoy!


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    • wadestar profile image

      wadestar 5 years ago from uk-lincolnshire

      Thanks Rick, glad you enjoyed!

    • profile image

      Rick Davis 6 years ago

      made this twice now....perfecto!! on both occasions. Finally found a recipe that is put across in a way BLOKES can understand....keep them coming.


    • wadestar profile image

      wadestar 7 years ago from uk-lincolnshire

      Thank you it tastes delicious too! :-)

    • libby101a profile image

      libby101a 7 years ago from KY

      Looks delicious!