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Corporate Events - Catering Guidelines For Large and Small Occasions

Updated on November 28, 2012
corporate event catering guidelines
corporate event catering guidelines | Source

Corporate Event Catering UK

Do you have an upcoming corporate event and need corporate event catering from a catering company that will look after the food for all your guests?

Hiring an event catering company should be quite easy but if you have never planned even a small event in the past the process can be quite overwhelming.

There are a few tips that I can tell you in order to serve as your guide to make this endeavour an easier one for you.

The very first thing that you can do is to ask some people you know if they have experiences when it comes to corporate event catering company’s, Ask them to relay to you both their positive and negative experiences and these insights will already serve as a good starting point.

It will also be highly advisable for you to go on-line and check the information of each company regarding their event catering services within or near your area. The moment you have identified several event catering service providers, check them out using on-line sites, which give ratings to these companies.

Another on-line tip is to find review sites with real customer reviews of the company’s services not reviews from the catering company’s website these can be easily manipulated.
Use trusted sites like google+ local places, and the Thompson directory.

The moment you have finished narrowing down your list of prospective event catering companies, this will be the best time for you to get in touch with them in order to have some estimations about the corporate event that you are hosting.

It is a must that you already know the approximate number of the people that you are expecting to attend the event as well as the kind of food that you will require on the day.

There are actually a few ways as to how you should negotiate with event catering providers.

1. Look at their website to see their prices
2. Make a list of what you require and call to speak with someone to see if these prices are up to date
3. Ask for a price including tax and delivery
4. Ask if this is the best price they can offer
5. Ask if paying by cash would reduce the price
6. Repeat this process with at leased 3 company’s
7. Call back all the company’s and tell them the lowest cost you have been given and ask if they can price match

At this stage it’s sometimes better to go with your gut feeling, a really good catering manager will be able to answer your questions and concerns very quickly.
A bad manager will make excuses, get back to you about different aspects and quite simply tell you lies.

You should be able to spot these kind of people and that’s why it’s best to go with the company that makes you feel they will do a good job even if they are a little bit more expensive.

Corporate event catering comes in many shapes and sizes, below is a video from executive catering services in Durham who provided event catering at Middlesbrough for a work site.

Corporate event catering video example

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