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Sütibár at Corvin sétány

Updated on April 21, 2012


Me myself and I took our usual trip out to have a coffee on Friday 20th April. Me and I had passed the cafe earlier in the afternoon while walking the dogs in Corvin sétány before calling in on myself, who lives in the vicinity. So, we decided to pay it a visit.

It was inspiring as the idea of starting to do blog posts on our café visits came about as a result. We visit lots of cafés and have never before felt inspired to write about them.

We found the range of coffees not vast but there was enough choice, with different types of coffee and we were all able to choose something different from a range that offered a few unusual options. We had very good service and our waiter was knowledgeable about the different types of coffee and able to explain some of the options. There was also an adequate range of other drinks available for those who would prefer tea, chocolate, juices or other options.

Me had a criticism that UHT milk was used for her coffee, which spoilt it for her, but I really liked my very pleasantly flavoured coffee. For those with a sweet tooth, there was only white sugar provided, no sweeteners or brown sugar. Coffee was served in the modern style - as it comes - rather than in the old continental style on a tray with a tiny glass of complimentary water. Sadly that old-fashioned style is quite rare these days.

We each chose a cake to have with our coffee and the house chocolate cake went down a treat according to myself, I liked my poppy seed flan and while Me seemed to enjoy her Szátmári plum cake, she did comment that the plum on top was rather dried out, indicating that her cake was not the freshest.

Prices were average and matched the quality. The decor and environment was pleasant, being quite modern classic in style. The chairs were comfortable and there was a fresh flower on each table. It was nothing out of the ordinary to make you sit up and take notice, but neither was it objectionable.

A couple of negative points were the very noisy refrigerated cabinet for ice cream and the TV in the corner, which although silent, was displaying a sport channel, which does nothing to create the kind of ambience we would prefer.

Overall, if you fancy stopping for a coffee in the up and coming 8th district you can do worse than call in at the Sütibár on Corvin sétány.

The interior of the café
The interior of the café | Source
Outside seating at the café
Outside seating at the café | Source
What it's all about - the cakes
What it's all about - the cakes | Source


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