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Coto Makassar

Updated on May 8, 2016

Coto Makassar

if you visit to indonesia specially to south sulawesi don't forget to to taste coto food makassar special makassar

Coto makassar Is special food south sulawesi That Many To be enthused By People In Entire Archipelago Because Deliciously And Deliciously , Its grafy Make Who Just to delicious it ones So want Once To try it again. used to Coto this Be made With the Soft Meat Cutting Good that goat Meat, Cow , Bufallo Also Chicken. Well Now we Want to share Complete Guidance About How Way Make Resep Coto Makassar Practical And Delicious Without Must To buy In Seller your Coto Subscriber.

How Interest To To try Make Coto Makassar this ? Yuk If is you want To try it Please ready it Some Materials and the flavor that To be needed in Coto Makassar deed Original Indonesia East this. Please To complete All bahanya According to With guidance in under this.

coto makassar Material that To be needed:

Meat stumble lamur Around 200gram
2.000 water ml
100grams the cow heart Meat That already be boiled And be cutted square
100grams tripe, That already be boiled, and be cutted square
100grams lung, That already be boiled, and be cutted square
100grams tongue, be boiled, That already be cutted square
6 cm ready it kayumanis
3 leaf stick Serai, please take its white, then dimemarkan
taoco Enough 2 eating spoon
salt Around 4 1/2 tea spoon
sand sugar Around 2 1/2 tea spoon
Fried Oil To menumis

Soft Flavor Coto Makassar necessary ones To be prepared:

red onion 12 grain
white onion 8 clove
2 ginger cm General
ketumbar bubuk Enough 1 eating spoon
jintan bubuk Enough 1/2 tea spoon
bubuk's pepper Enough 1 1/2 tea spoon Just
the soil nut That Already be peeled skin and disangrai around 100 gram Just

Guidance Way Make Coto Makassar Soto Special of Area Sulawesi

1. First Times That must be done is To boil meat with Hot water until ripe. That After You Can cut in the small size small then kaldunya's filter.

2. Guess Just Guess Please Leave over it Around 2.000 water ml kaldunya. then you could to boil it again to be moved into meat, cow heart, triping meat, lung lung, and can also tongue.

3. flavor Tumis soft Be oiled That Already hot then mixed kayumanis, Serai's Leaf, and Also taoco until All fragrant smelly.Then You could to pour to the meat boiling That a while ago Already We prepare.

4. this After so salt and sugar can sand In enter Its into. Ascertain it adan cook until ripe and ready to be presented.

5. Coto Special Indonesia East Cotto Makassar Original delicious ones already prepare to to be served


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