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Couch's Pineapple Sweet Tea

Updated on January 19, 2012

"I first made this when I lived in the Florida Keys. There wasn't much to do there but drink and fish and I didn't have a fishing pole. It was long after creating this that the residents of the condos I was staying at were beating down my door every night for more. This stuff is simple but very addictive." ~Couch

Things you will need:

  • fifth of coconut rum
  • a pineapple
  • raspberry sweet tea mix

Step 1 - Cut the top off the pineapple, core it, and cut the rind off the sides and bottom. You can set aside the top and grow your own little pineapple tree with it if you like. Chop the pineapple into nice size chunks and throw them along with the core into a large Tupperware container.

Step 2 - Add a fifth of rum to the container and let sit in the fridge for a week or two.

Step 3 - Strain the rum into a measured pitcher. The amount will vary based on how long you let it set and how juicy the pineapple you used was.

Step 4 - Depending on how strong you like it, you can cut it with water up to 50%. I like mine straight, but for large groups I will usually cut it a bit to save on the cost of rum.

Step 5 - Add the raspberry sweet tea mix appropriate for the amount of liquid you have. And stir.

Step 6 - Add the pineapple back to the mix.

Step 7 - Serve over ice and enjoy.

Variations - You can use other flavored rums. I've used Cherry Jack a couple times and it was very delicious as well. It doesn't have to be a top shelf, any coconut rum will do for this, but try to avoid the higher proof ones unless you are truly an alcoholic. :)

Notes - You can double the recipe up to two fifths of rum per pineapple. After you've finished the sweet tea off, make sure to eat the pineapple. The flavor of the rum and sweet tea mix makes them absolutely mouth-watering and incredibly alcoholic.


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