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Crab Fried Rice as Main Meal or Side Snack

Updated on April 28, 2015
Crab Frice Rice - Delicious and Precious
Crab Frice Rice - Delicious and Precious | Source

It's Your Fancy Rice for that Company Potluck

We almost always get stumped what to bring to those company potluck parties where we want to impress without having to spend that much time and much money . Here is your answer. A Crab Fried Rice. It is easy, flavorful, delicious, nutritious and fulfilling.

This recipe uses Asian products not particularly Chinese and not particularly Thai. But the marriage of these ingredients is what you could call a marriage made in heaven!

Alaskan Red Crab
Alaskan Red Crab | Source

Tanner Crab

You may not have heard of Tanner Crabs, but you might have eaten Snow Crabs, which are more popularly known for its marketed name. These crabs are referred to in Alaska as Tanner crabs and can be found throughout the North Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea and along the coast.

Mis en plas

The Ingredients for this Crab Fried Rice
The Ingredients for this Crab Fried Rice | Source

The Crab Fried Rice Recipe

Cooked steamed Jasmine Rice
3 cups
Has to be cold before using.
4 cups
Use water to steam rice. Use a rice cooker to make perfect rice.
Tanner Crab
1 Each
Steamed (Use 2 cups crab meat.)
Vegetable Oil
1/4 Cup
Chinese Sausage
2 Each Sausage
Slice thinly
6 Each
Slice thinly
Green Bell Pepper
1 Medium Size
Remove seeds and chop into 'brunoise' or small square pieces
1 Each
Peel and shred
Scotch Pepper
1 Each
Remove seeds and mince.
2 Medium Size Each
Cook scrambled separately with little oil.
Hoisin Sauce
1/8 Cup
Buy from Asian section of your grocery store.
Kecap Manis (Sweet Soy Sauce)
1/8 Cup
Substitute regular soy sauce.
Ground Black Pepper
1 Each
Zest and squeeze all the juice.
Garlic is optional
I decided not to add it because I felt that this dish could do without the garlic.

How To Do This Delicious Fried Rice

Easy Steps
Steam your Jasmine Rice a day before.
Use your rice cooker for perfect steamed rice. Cool.
Steam your crab. Cool and remove the meat. Set aside.
You can purchase crab meat or imitation crab meat if you want.
Do the rest of your mis en plas (all the ingredients prepared and in place).
See the above column for description of what to do with the rest of the ingredients, e.i, chop, slice, minced, etc.
You are the cook of your own dish, so you could replace the ingredients if you want.
Get a big pan to start off by toasting the sliced Chinese sausages slightly.
Remove from pot and set aside. Will only take 2 to 3 minutes in medium heat.
Green Peppers could be Red Peppers
Add oil to pan, then the sliced shallots.
Sweat the shallots till light golden brown.
Add Peas, Green Onions.
Add the cool rice. Stir and break clumps. Add the Soy Sauce and Hoisin Sauce. Keep breaking the clumps and flavoring all the grains.
Rice will turn color.
Meanwhile, in a separate small frying pan, cook the eggs by scrambling it in a little oil. Set aside.
While the rice is getting mixed in the big pan, add the shredded carrots, diced green pepper and minced Scotch Bonnet pepper.
Stir to incorporate.
Add ground black pepper, the cooked Chinese sausage and crab meat and the scrambled eggs.
Keep that stirring to incorporate.
Spritz the lime juice and distribute the lime zest. Adjust the spices according to your taste.
Serve warm.
Typical Chinese Sausage
Typical Chinese Sausage | Source

Chinese Sausage

This is a popular brand seen in most Asian stores. Chinese sausages or 'Lap Chong,' are smoked cured spiced sausages made of pork and pork fat seasoned with rice wine and soy sauce. Because of its potent flavor, one or two sausages will be enough for this recipe. Best to stir fry it quickly without oil. Be watchful when you do stir-fry Chinese sausages on their own as they can easily burn.

Chinese sausages can be stored in your refrigerator well-wrapped for months.

Ta-da! Fried Rice with Alaskan Red Crab
Ta-da! Fried Rice with Alaskan Red Crab | Source

The Finished Product

Impress your family and friends with your new found culinary mastery of a traditional Asian dish.

This Crab Fried Rice can be eaten on its own or partnered with your favorite Asian-influenced dish that are fried, steamed or sautéed..

If you live alone, make this whole recipe and freeze the rest. How about 'take out' order from your own kitchen? It is worth every grain.


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    • daisynicolas profile image

      daisynicolas 2 years ago from Alaska

      Thank you. It has been a long time since I wrote this and believe me, I cooked it first before writing it down. Enjoy!

    • indanila profile image

      Inda Blackwell 2 years ago from Hampton Roads

      I was looking for something different to cook for dinner and stumbled upon your hub. I am going to give it a try.... Wish me luck!!

    • profile image

      Mikey mike 6 years ago

      SOOooOooOoOo delicious.

    • daisynicolas profile image

      daisynicolas 6 years ago from Alaska

      Of course, nowadays where everything and almost all information are global and can easily be found in all types of media especially the internet, almost nothing is considered secret or surprising.

    • Luti Febrian W profile image

      Luti Febrian W 6 years ago from Surabaya, Indonesia

      seafood fried rice ,. have you heard about that,..its so delicious.

      in Indonesia we can add so many new ingredient into our fried rice recipe.

    • daisynicolas profile image

      daisynicolas 6 years ago from Alaska

      I almost had it for breakfast today, and I thought I'm just being a pig. So got to wait for dinner. Thank you for your compliments.

    • Bill Yovino profile image

      Bill Yovino 6 years ago

      Nicely done! I love the way you detailed the ingredients and instructions in tables. It makes every step clear. Great idea and the recipe sounds delicious!

    • daisynicolas profile image

      daisynicolas 6 years ago from Alaska

      Thank you for commenting. Indonesian food is delicious in its own right.

    • Luti Febrian W profile image

      Luti Febrian W 6 years ago from Surabaya, Indonesia

      this is one of common menu in indonesia, and i loved it so much...