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Craft Your Healthy Breakfast Coffee Smoothie Recipe

Updated on July 15, 2016
Coffee Smoothie
Coffee Smoothie | Source

You're Not Alone...

The United States ranks as the country with the highest coffee consumers in the world where 83% of adults drink coffee. Also, 15% of Americans are reported to skip breakfast.

Craft Your Own Breakast Coffee Smoothie!

For many busy professionals coffee is an essential part of life. It gets you going in the morning, it boosts your energy in the afternoon to make it through a long day and if you are a college student or get stuck at work on a long project it can help you stay focused through a long night of work. Why not use your love of coffee to help you consume a balanced breakfast with nutrients you need in a health smoothie you will actually want to drink?

By following a few guidelines below you can make a coffee drink recipe that you love and is easy enough to work into your morning routine. If you select the right ingredients it can be good for you too so you'll be getting health benefits along with your daily smoothie.

A banana and a source of fat or oil form the basis of any good blended coffee drink.
A banana and a source of fat or oil form the basis of any good blended coffee drink.

Basic Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

  • 1 cup Black Coffee, Cooled
  • 1 Banana, Peeled. Duh.
  • 10oz Whole Milk
  • 5-6 shakes Cinnamon

Blend it Up!

  1. The night before, make a small cup of pour over coffee and stick in fridge.
  2. Combine all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

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Make Your Perfect Drink

Were a few of those ingredients in what you normally have in your fridge or don't fit your ideal diet? Below we're going to go through 4 steps about the basic you need and what you can substitute or add to make the drink work for your taste and diet.

Step 1: Fat (milk, yogurt, oil)

First step is to select the fat or oil you will use as the basis of the smoothie. We can't have a smoothie without a source of fat and the caffeine from the coffee will be absorbed by the fat so your body won't absorb it all at once. Instead, the caffeine is absorbed into your system more gradually as your body metabolizes the fat, which is going to help you avoid the jitters immediately after drinking it. Also you are not going to feel a crash a few hours later like you would if you drank the coffee black.

For fat you can choose a variety of milk with the fat percentage that works for your diet. If you have an allergy or dietary restraint from cows milk then your favorite nut or soy alternative might not be the best choice unless it has a bit of fat in it per serving.

Another option is yogurt and again that can be in a variety of fat levels and adds some protein to your morning smoothie. Coconut oil can replace some or all of the milk/yogurt and add plenty of health benefits.

You can choose to leave out the fat all together if you are on a low fat or vegan diet and pick coconut milk or almond milk. This just means the caffeine will not be well absorbed by the other ingredients in the drink and you will be getting the full dosage right away and the drink will be less filling.

Step 2: Go Bananas

A banana is key in making any smoothie, well...smooth. It is great for a breakfast smoothie because it adds a bit of natural sugar to get your brain and metabolism going strong in the morning. Along with some vitamins and a smooth taste that pairs well with anything, it is a key ingredient to any breakfast replacement smoothie.

Step 3: The Coffee!

Here's the fun part: the coffee itself. Now, if you are making a coffee breakfast smoothie then I will assume you know enough about coffee to already know what method you like to make it. But regardless of the coffee making method there are a few things to keep in mind. You don't want to dump hot coffee into your smoothie, it at least needs to be somewhat cool. You can either cold brew your coffee or brew it hot very concentrated and pour it over ice. If you go with the hot method it is important to cool the coffee as quickly as possible, put in the fridge over night and you are going to have a bitter nightmare in your drink. My preferred method is to measure out my coffee and do a pour over into a cup with a few ice cubes in it. It cools quickly without diluting it too much.

Amount of Caffeine in Common Beverages

Caffeine (mg) per Seving
Black Coffee
Black Tea
Green Tea
Most Dark Sodas

Practice Precision Caffeine Measuring

You expect an added caffeine jolt from the coffee you're dumping in your smoothie but how do you know you're not putting in too much? As a general rule you will want 100mg of caffeine in your breakfast smoothie but that can actually be higher since we are drinking it with some fat and you might be pretty used to caffeine. To avoid getting the jitters from your drink, don't put more than 150mg of caffeine in anything you're going to drink in one sitting. You can reference the table of typical caffeine amounts to decide what you are used to getting in the morning and you don't want to go above that total in your breakfast drink.

Step 4: The Additions and Substitutions

The great thing about coffee and banana is there are so many standard breakfast foods that pair well with them. Depending on the nutrient levels you want to be drinking every morning you can alter the ingredients to get just what you want.

For high fat and low carb/sugar: use half a banana, whole milk and add your choice of: peanut butter, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream.

For low fat and moderate sugar: use no fat yogurt or almond or coconut milk, a whole banana and add your choice of: cinnamon, vanilla, coconut flakes.

For high protein: use full fat yogurt and a whole banana and add your choice of: protein powder, peanut butter, ground flax seeds.


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