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Craving for spice?! Try BicolExpress Cuisine..

Updated on February 7, 2011
bicol're gonna burn inside..
bicol're gonna burn inside..

Craving for spicy?

Sometimes we have this urges for some things, people, adventures and even foods...have you ever experience in your life to crave for a spicy food?that, just a thought of eating one, makes you salivate? Then try this native Bicol express, a native cuisine in Philippines, Albay ..

Bicol express is a native dish from Bicol province which makes Bicolanos extremely popular. It's main ingredient is CHILi PEPPER!!!really hot Chili!!and meat..other ingredients are, coconut milk, shrimp fry paste(natively known as bagoong in Bicol), pineapple tidbits, sliced garlic and onion salt and pepper..

The more you put chili on it, the more it makes extremely delicious and spicy!!I

Come'on try this cuisine at home and let's see if you can take eating it without eventually dringking water huh!!Try it at the beach this summer..It is best eaten on a banana leaf as a plate and not using spoon and fork, but only your hands!!

Try it and find out how brave you are in this Filipino cuisine..


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