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How To Create The Perfect Baccon Breakfast

Updated on August 21, 2016


Your probably thinking right now 'spam spam spam', and yes i will agree with you this could and 'should' be seen as a piece of spam or as a joke. But i think not, this small little sandwich will make you rethink all you know about bacon sandwiches.

Yes its off google !!

I will admit i stole the picture off google images, but i can assure you this bap will make you rethink your entire life without this luxury!!!

Okay first of all you will need to go to your local tesco 'make sure its tesco' and buy 2-4 fresh croissants. DO NOT buy the packaged/boxed ones these do not perform as well as the fresh.

Next you will need some bacon! Any bacon will do (perferably smoked) you will need around 6 rashes for this batch.

Lastly you will need some cheese, any mature cheddar will do!

Once you have these its time to head to the kitchen!

The Making

This is very simple as all you need is an oven (with grill helps) or a frying pan.

Through the oven:

You will need to cook your bacon for 10-20 minutes at 200*C so throw it in and start prepping your cheese and croissants!

Prepping your cheese: Grate half a hand full worth of cheese for 4 croissants and half that for 2, then cut 4 thin slices that are around 5 cm long. Your cheese is now ready so put it aside for the next step!

Croissants: You will need to cut a half moon into the croissants sides making a mouth to stuff it with. Do this to all 4.

Wait !!!


Now your bacon is cooked place 1 rash in each croissant mouth and lay a slice of cheese ontop of the meat. Once your have done this to all of them close them and sprinkle your grated cheese onto the top of your baps.

Now place them in your oven and bake for 30 - 90 seconds depending and your preferred cheese melting point.

Your Done !!!

Now cut each one in half and place the halves on a plate, pour a glass of orange juice (I found hot drinks do not mix well with these) and enjoy!!!

Please recommend your friends and family to my hub for more quick, easy and entertaining recipes that could save your life!


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