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How to make a great pizza sauce

Updated on August 4, 2015
great tomato puree
great tomato puree


The procedure of producing a good pizza depends on two major items. The first is making a good quality pizza dough for the type of pizza you want to make. I have placed a good dough recipe on hubpages, that will work fine, for regular thin pizza. The second part is coming up with a great pizza sauce recipe, and that is what this article is about.

With a good dough recipe, and a good pizza sauce recipe, you are well on your way towards having an outstanding pizza. The other part is having a reliable supplier that always sells you top grade pizza supplies. You want a mozzarella cheese that is about fifteen days old when you get it. The time for the use on mozzarella cheese, is when the cheese is between fifteen and about 28 days old.

The number one item that is ordered for a topping is pepperoni. 35% of all single topping pizzas are pepperoni pizzas. Make sure you always get a top quality pepperoni for your pizza place. The other four toppings that are really popular are Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions and black olives. You want to have a top quality cheese and about ten different toppings for your pizza place. With that you should be able to build a good pizza business. Now we will look at how to make a good pizza sauce.

Putting on pizza sauce
Putting on pizza sauce

Putting the sauce together

In putting a good pizza sauce together, you will want to follow a carefully prepared recipe. Using the right ingredients you will always come up with a good pizza sauce. The first thing is using the right tomato puree.

I only use full red tomato puree. If you can get it, don't use anything else. The following recipe is for use with two cans of tomato puree. You gather all the spice ingredients together in a bowl, mix them togather, and then put them into the tomato puree. You should also use a half can of cold water, to rinse out the two cans and then mix it with the tomato puree to thin it. The following are the ingredients you mix with the thinned tomato puree.

8oz of sugar

  • 3oz of salt

  • 2oz of granulated garlic

  • 1oz of crushed Oregano

  • 1oz grated Parmesan cheese

  • 1oz of salad oil

  • 1/2oz of black pepper

If you can, let the finished pizza sauce cold Blanche in a refrigerator for about 8 hours before using. Use it all within three days, for best results.

Shredded mozzarella cheese
Shredded mozzarella cheese


You now have one of the two main parts of making a good pizza. With this recipe and a good dough recipe, you should be able to run a successful pizza place. In the article, how to run a successful pizza business, I explain the money needed and how to start, how to market and other things needed to be a success. I hope you find the information useful and you can be a major success.


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      PizzaEric 2 years ago

      Regarding the ingredients, in particular the "ounce" measurement, is that ounce as in weight or ounce as in measuring cup?