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Creating your own Decorated Cakes

Updated on August 22, 2013

Iced Cake


Baking Cakes

Purchasing cakes for birthdays and other events can prove quite expensive, and so many people are beginning to attempt to bake and decorate their own cakes. While this is not always successful, some people find they have a hidden talent and go on to making cakes for other people as well. If you find that your cakes turn out well; looking good and tasting delicious, you may then wonder how to decorate them to appear professional, or at least to look as delicious as they taste.

Add a Simple Message

Birthday Cakes

If you are not very artistic, you can simply cover the entire cake with fondant icing and then pipe on "Happy Birthday" or another greeting and the person's name. If you find even the idea of writing with piped icing too difficult, you can buy foil greetings to set into the still moist fondant icing, or candles in the shape of letters with which you can spell out your greeting or the person's name.

One very simple idea for a child’s birthday cake would be to make a square cake and cover it with green fondant, then buy a bag of small plastic farm animals and set them on the surface. You don't have to be too artistic for a small child’s cake, as children's imaginations will take care of the rest; what may appear to be a green cake covered in plastic toys to an adult, will appear as a magical farm to a young child.

A Children's Favourite


Topping Designs

It is also possible to purchase specially prepared plastic toppings for cakes with illustrations of Disney characters, trains, cars, footballs and so on, which only have to be placed on top of an iced cake to achieve great results.

Getting Better

With a little practice, you will soon find yourself getting more adventurous and looking for new ideas, and then you will probably need to purchase special equipment to help you bring your creations to fruition. Before long a hobby may become an obsession, so that you want to do nothing but make decorative cakes for your family and friends, or even to sell to others. This often leads to the desire to start a small business, and usually the layman will need help for this, as making two or three cakes in your own kitchen is very different to creating a business and fitting out a professional kitchen.

Commercial Cake Cutting Equipment


Bakery Equipment

A brief online search will reveal bakery equipment companies which not only can provide you with all the equipment necessary to turn out large numbers of cakes in a short period of time, but will also help you with all the information you need to start your business.

Whether you intend to open a small shop with a kitchen in back where you can create cakes to order, or you want to go larger and have a commercial cake making premises preparing cakes for delivery, or perhaps with a small shop attached; you will need some sort of bakery equipment and professionals to help you with the setting up and starting of your business.

Success Story

I know of two people who started off creating cup cakes and cookies for school bake sales, then went on to birthday cakes, and then more elaborate wedding cakes; until they decided they were going to have to start a professional kitchen in order to keep up with demand, and also to follow food preparation hygiene regulations.

They started with a small premises where they worked in the back; making and decorating cakes, with one employee out on the shop front selling their creations, but they soon outgrew this small enterprise and went on to purchase larger premises where they set up a commercial cake making business that supplies delicious treats to the six shops that they now own in the surrounding area: just one success story that shows how a little talent can lead to a big business.



It is not to say that everyone who can bake cakes will be able to turn it into a business, or even want to; you may be quite happy creating beautiful cakes for yourself, your family and your friends. Cupcakes used to be a very American sweet treat, but nowadays they are enjoyed worldwide, and in the UK are becoming hugely popular. For some amateur bakers; they have enough to do to keep coming up with different ideas for toppings for their cupcakes.

Wedding Cake Octagonal Shapes

Everybody Loves Cake

Whether you simply enjoy baking or have dreams of starting a bakery business; there will never be any shortage of customers, as most people enjoy a cake at least once in a while, and birthdays, weddings and other special occasions will always create the need for cake.


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    • whatswhatnow profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Spain

      thanks dianew for your support, and yes you should definitely try.

    • dianew profile image


      5 years ago from Spain

      Another great hub! I love to bake but I'm not so good at decorating, will have to try more.


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