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Crisp Apple

Updated on June 8, 2015

Angry Orchard Hard Cider

This cider was enjoyed on a warm, sunny afternoon, and I doubt I could have picked a better drink for this particular day. I was lounging on my porch while my kiddos ran around the yard catching fairies.

The light, sweet fruit taste of this Crisp Apple drink was a perfect compliment to the activities that surrounded me. There was a tinge of a dry finish which cut the overall sweetness of the cider nicely.

I enjoyed this beverage alone, but it would pair nicely with lighter fare (think salad or cold cuts) or with something salty like popcorn. I did actually have this with popcorn a few evenings later and it was great, I think it was the whole salty/sweet thing ;)

Sunny Day Cider

Great Summer Cider!
Great Summer Cider!

...perfect time for some cider

front yard fun
front yard fun


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