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Crisp Football Games, Camping, No Problem With Stanley and Thermos Hot or Cold Vacuum Bottles

Updated on August 10, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

It’s Homecoming Weekend

and I am going with friends to attend our alma mater’s Homecoming Weekend Festivities. My wife and I graduated together and we treasure our memories of our college days and that also means attending our team’s football games (played in an outdoor stadium) and I do not need to tell you how cold those November afternoons can be when you cannot take along a Styrofoam cup of soup to keep me warm. It could be a long Saturday evening.

This could be a sad weekend also because I did use one of those bargain-basement vacuum bottles that I was told would keep my drink or soup hot or cold until I wanted to enjoy it. But that lasted for about half an hour and when I went back to this store to get a refund, the manager refused on the grounds that I did not read the fine print.

But since those hectic college days, I have wised-up and taken care of those crisp November or December outdoor football games or camping trips because I went out and bought a reliable thermos bottle from Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle that is guaranteed to keep your hot soup, chili, even your favorite soup warm and ready to drink when you need it. And if you are like me, you had rather sit back and enjoy your favorite hot soup that you know will taste great when you bought your Stanley Vacuum Bottle. Face it. Don't you want to have a great time with friends, eating your favorite soup or sipping your hot tea without the worry of your items going south?

Stanley has been the leader of thermos bottles for years and there is a good reason: they are sturdy enough to take whatever punishment that they might receive—such as falling or someone just dropping them, Stanley Vacuum Bottles are built strong and able to handle life’s little moments without you worrying if your thermos bottle is leaking or not. And with Stanley, it does not. All the more reason to check Stanley when you are shopping for a hot or cold thermos bottle.

Do as I did when I was in need of a trusty thermos bottle and went out and bought the Best: Stanley because I did not have to pay a fortune for some needed-protection of my warm soup that I like to enjoy outside or hey, Stanley also travels well in the hot summer time where you can take your favorite soda, tea, or favorite fruit drink to drink when you are out on a camping trip or just a Saturday’s hike with friends.

(Shop with this site for Your Favorite Stanley Vacuum Bottles)

But I Don’t Want to

spend a lot of money on a thermos bottle, so I checked with the site below and compared Thermos Stainless Ounce Drink Bottle that is ideal for my hot or cold items able to keep my soups or drinks hot or cold without worry of them cooling-off or getting cold before I enjoy them.

Thermos Stainless Ounce Drink is the way to go if you are interested in saving money on a thermos vacuum drink bottle. And this trusty Thermos is a recognized brand-name that you can be sure that you are saving money, plus buying one of the leading stainless ounce drink bottles on the market.

Thermos Stainless Steel Ounce Drink

bottle is built to stand accidents such as falling to the ground or floor without spilling or causing you an embarrassing scene. Thermos is one of the trusted brands in America that stands for thermos bottles. And if you are in the market to purchase a stainless ounce drink bottle, look for the Thermos brand and you will be happy that you did. Thermos and Stanley products can be seen in most department and outdoor sporting goods stores.

(Shop with this site for Thermos Stainless Ounce Drink Bottle)

August 10, 2019_____________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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