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Crispins wine bar in Ealing

Updated on November 21, 2012

A wine bar in Ealing that has always been popular is Crispins. The wine bar is situated on the green in Ealing broadway.

It attracts a wide variety of customers from all different backgrounds. One minute you could be talking to an Arab oil man and the next a young music student from the university a short walk down the road.

The bar serves selections of wines from around the world ranging in price from roughly £16 to £30. They are mostly delicious and hand picked by the owner, who is friendly and talkative. Oysters and hummus are also served as a bar snack.

Like any other bar or pub in Ealing and London, the busiest times at Crispins are on a Friday and Saturday night. The bar is often packed with drinkers and there might be little room to move as it is a narrow and long room.

Crispins wine bar in Ealing
Crispins wine bar in Ealing | Source

The atmosphere is often vibrant and chatty. And many times somebody will open up the piano next to the bar to start a live music jam. Sometimes local singers will join in ad hoc. This all adds to the unique and colourful character of the independent wine bar.

For those wanting to enjoy a drink in Ealing in a more relaxed environment, the bar is also open from lunchtime and throughout the afternoon. It usually closes at 1pm and it is also much quieter on weekdays.

On Sunday evening there is a quiz. But be warned, it is a local public school type academic who picks the questions, which more often than not seem like an attempt to show off his knowledge with obscure facts rather than engage people with fun general knowledge. So if you want a challenge, this quiz is for you.

Crispins itself has a long history and has been open for many years. This is noticeable from the interior of the wine bar. It still retains the same oak panels and wooden window frames that look like they have been there since the 1960s. This adds to the old fashioned feel of the bar. Though the green chairs could do with being updated.

The wine bar also has a small selection of art on the wall from local artists in Ealing which is for sale. These paintings are interesting to look at.

Crispins wine bar in Ealing makes for an excellent visit if you are a visitor to London or if you live locally it is well worth paying a visit.

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Crispins wine bar in Ealing is opposite the green


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