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Find out the taste of the new Crown Royal Maple.

Updated on January 23, 2013

Crown Royal Maple bottle and bag

Crown Royal Maple

This is a very interesting product to say the least. I saw a few pictures of it on Instagram and Facebook and said to myself, "Why not? It's worth trying." It was a Friday morning right before I was going to get breakfast and I went to get some liquor for Thanksgiving when I saw at the counter some minis of Crown Royal. They were doing a promo special for 99 cent mini bottles. i was like, "Cool, let me get a few minis." When I got home, I did a small taste test neat and without ice.

Here's what I came up with:

Smelling notes

Strong Maple smell reminds me of syrup like Aunt Jemima or a really nice Maple Brown Sugar kind of syrupy smell. You do get the oak and warmth of a whisky but it's not as prevalent as Crown Royal and Crown Royal Black.

Tasting notes

Buttery maple syrup taste. Really strong. Then the whisky comes in right after. Ending notes kind of a caramel and vanilla feel. Very sweet and unexpected. I thought that would not necessarily use this as a strict cocktail or a drink I'd sip on. If you are used to the typical Crown Royal, this will definitely have your palate confused.

I honestly thought the drink would taste like Crown with a hint of Maple, which would've been nice, but it was the complete opposite. However, it did give me some ideas for what I could use it in down the road.

On Thanksgiving Day, I had a few things I tried with and it worked. I had some Apple Pie so I sprinkled some Crown Maple and it tasted really good. The apple pie wasn't truly sweet so the Crown added some really awesome maple and oak features that meshed really well with the pie. Also, I had a Chai Latte and added a shot of Crown Royal Maple and my taste buds were skyrocketing to the heavens! I was like, "WOW!" What an incredible mix! It tasted really good and it was the perfect warm drink for that cold day.

I noticed that on the Crown Royal site there's a recipe for the traditional Washington Apple recipe used with Crown Royal Maple. I figure that may be the way to go. Or for Christmas, you could use it in a spiked apple cider. I can imagine if the Apple Pie I had tasted really good with the Crown Royal Maple then I'm sure it would be exceptional in a spiked apple cider.

Overall verdict

I would not recommend this as a typical cocktail or something on ice. However, I would definitely use this in a holiday based drink, a topping/sauce in a dessert, or used in a breakfast (pancakes, waffle, french toast mix).

Crown Royal Maple and Apple Pie


Chai Latte and Crown Royal Maple



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