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Crown Royal Whiskey

Updated on June 21, 2010

Whiskey for Royalty

Crown Royalty Whiskey started in 1939 when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth made their famous tour of Canada. Samuel Bronfman, the president of Crown Royal Whiskey, packaged a special edition of his whiskey inside a crown shaped bottle and then placed it into a purple sack. Over the top? Grovelling sick? Yes, and yes again. But the drink has become a phenomenon throughout Canada and around the world. It is the best selling whiskey in Canada. And has grown in popularity around the world since 1964, when the drink became available in international markets.

Crown Royal Whiskey is a rather high proof drink. So one should be careful when consuming it. You can get nausea quite easily, and in extreme cases you can get alcohol poisoning and liver damage. Just drink anything high proof in moderation for safety. Don't be stupid. It has a proof of 80.

Watch this video of a 30 year veteran in the liquor business. He calls Crown Royal Whiskey the best liquor in Canada.  Want to know which whiskey is the best made in Mexico? Check out my hub on Cabo Wabo Tequila

Branding of Crown Royal Whiskey

The brand is currently owned by Diageo, who bought it in 2000. Crown Royal Whiskey is still produced in the distillery at Gimly, in Manitoba, Canada. There have been some different variations through the years. One of them was the Crown Royal Special Reserve, which are the finest of the young whiskeys that are chosen to age for a longer period of time. The awesome result is a "special reserve" label and a higher price.

There is also the Black Crown Royal drink. It has a very dark and thick liquid, consisting of a lot more alcoholic content. Crown Royal XR is the rarest of all Crown Royal Whiskey because it is from the last batch of whiskey made at their Waterloo distillery before it was burned to the ground. Yikes!


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