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Indulging In Cruise Food

Updated on August 7, 2012

Buffet vs Swimsuit

Did you choose a vacation that included exotic, flavorful and abundant amounts of food as part of the criteria? Well join the club, we all love to eat and maybe over indulge while feasting to our hearts content.

On my last cruise I decided to enlist myself as a one man research team. My plan included polling passengers on our 14 day tropical cruise. The research included lots of observation followed by basic questions. The mission was to find a happy medium between eating multiple meals which of course includes numerous courses and staying fit and trim. I wanted to be able to enjoy all the flavor on the menu and at the same time be able to show of my years of self discipline achieved at the gym. Also, when I eat it shows so, how to avoid the look and feeling of being bloated was at the top of my list of things to avoid on this cruise.

While the results at first seem to be simple and basic I did find some suprising conclusions. First and foremost keep moving, what I mean is while the reason for the cruise is to relax and enjoy don't over do it to the point of being lazy. Moving in this case means enjoy the views while briskly cruising the deck. Why not make it a mission to figure a route that makes it fun as you cover every level of the ship. In other words walk off a few courses and see the sites, don't forget to hydrate with a low calorie beverage which highly recommend.

Time for a dip... Why not cool off and combine burning a few calories as you work your way from one end of the pool to the other. Ugh! Maybe I should look at this as building an appetite for my next visit to the enormous buffet which, by the way, is how i'd look at my pool time.

Believe it or not, the majority of my passengers during our interviews enlightened me to the obvious fact (from their fit profile) that the sun, fun, excitement and interaction between other cruise passengers is enough to dilute any anxiety that would cause one to voice concern over their waistline.

So relax, no worries, I've got the solution, take a great book. One that I read dealt with how to prevent weight gain on a tropical cruise. Another fun thing: you see I constantly found myself preoccupied by my favorite hobby, "people watching", needless to say I sacrificed my research for my enjoyment of people having fun. Bon Voyage!


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