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Culinary Content: Asian Foods

Updated on March 31, 2008
Veg SF
Veg SF

Culinary Content is a regular feature in my column here at Hubpages where I share the delicious recipes and food related articles I have come across in my travels online. This time, I'm focusing on Asian foods. Featured are recipes for an unique miso soup with sweet potato dumplings (so colorful), drunken noodles, authentic Kung Pao Chicken, and Indian pudding, plus an article pennywort or gotu kola with a recipe for a juice made from it. Enjoy!

This Miso Soup with Sweet Potato Dumplings from Veg SF is a very colorful twist on traditional miso soup. I would never have thought to put sweet potato dumplings in miso soup, but the picture looks very tempting, and it makes a very healthy soup!

If you've ever wondered about the Asian health food pennywort or gotu kola, this informative article from Wandering Chopsticks would be a good starting point. It includes a recipe for Nuoc Rau Ma (Vietnamese Pennywort Juice). I've always seen teas made from it in the health food section, but I never knew much about it until I read this article. "Heath benefits [...]include maintaining youthfulness, purifying the blood, curing nervous conditions, improving eyesight and memory, and relieving arthritis pain. Tai chi chuan master Li Ching-Yuen apparently lived to 256 years old, in part because of pennywort."

Have you ever had Drunken noodles (pad kee mao)? This looks like a very good recipe from Blazing Hot Wok. I haven't gone very far beyond pad Thai in using rice noodles, but this looks delicious, and I'll have to give it a try.

The picture of Kung Pao Chicken at Rasa Malaysia looks like the most delicious and tempting Kung Pao dish I've ever seen! She explains that this is a very authentic recipe, and that "the Kung Pao chicken we get in 90% of so-called Chinese restaurants in the United States is--sadly and unfortunately--the heavily Americanized version that appears gooey (due to too much starch), greasy (too much oil), and sweet (too much sugar and not enough dried red chilies)." I have a feeling Americans have really been missing out!

I have had some delicious Indian puddings. Take a look at the two recipes for Indian pudding over at Simply Recipes. Elise says of it: "Few desserts look so completely unappetizing yet taste so incredibly good. One bite of this lumpy, brown mush, with a dab of vanilla ice cream, and I was sold. Scraped every last bit from the bowl." (Personally, I think that despite claims of ugliness, her photograph makes it look incredibly appetizing!)


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    • Iontach profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow the food in your articles looks sooo good! Making me so hungry now...I also have a couple of food Hubs, based on Japanese and Chinese food but nothing sounding as yummy as 'miso soup with sweet potato dumplings'. I lurve to know how to make dumplings, very yummy indeed.

      I'm voting you 'useful' as you just gave me a great idea for tomorrows dinner. lol


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