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Culinary Content: Nachos, White Lasagnas, Samphire, Caak

Updated on March 31, 2008
Homesick Texan
Homesick Texan

Culinary Content is a regular feature in my column here at Hubpages where I share the delicious recipes and food related articles I have come across in my travels online. This time, we have Texas-style nachos, a brown butter-sage mushroom lasagna and a garden lasagna, samphire, and an Algerian bagel called Caak. Enjoy!

These Texas-Style nachos from Homesick Texan are each one a work of art. They're made straight from corn tortillas, each chip artistically arranged. I'm a huge fan of the home-style nachos LINK that my family has always made, which fall on the spectrum somewhere in between Texas-Style Nachos and the soggy mess that you can get at a ballpark concession stand. Homesick Texan writes: "For me, and for every Texan, there is only one kind of nacho. Nachos are simple and elegant. Each nacho is its own entity (and that is key), with just enough toppings to give it flavor and a bit of heft but not enough to make it saggy or soggy. Anything else is an imposter!"

This Brown Butter-Sage Mushroom Lasagna from The Petite Pig looks exquisite. It reminds me a lot of my White Lasagna Recipe with Chantrelle and Crimini Mushrooms except this is savory, not sweet (as mine was from onions and cinnamon). I want to give it a try next time we're in a mood for lasagna!

If you'd like something a little more traditional, but still a white lasagna, check out this Garden-Style Lasagna from We [Heart] Food. It looks both delicious and healthy with all of those sauteed vegetables.

Has anyone else heard of samphire before? I certainly hadn't until I read this entry about samphire over at Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once. It is a bizarre looking salty vegetable that grows in coastal areas. Haalo prepares it very simply with butter. A quick google search tells me that it used to be used in soap and glass making. What a versatile plant! Here is a great article that tells more about it.

I'd never heard about Caak before until I saw this entry over at 64 Sq Ft Kitchen. Warda says, "The 'bagel-like' [treat] you see on the picture is an Algerian bagel called Caak. Unlike American bagels, Caak is sweet and flavored with fennel seeds, orange blossom water and sesame seeds, which gives it this warm and very fragrant crumb. [...] The texture is also quite different from the bagels. It is soft, a bit crumbly and not chewy. It is a mix between brioche and challah bread but more sweet-scented." That sounds heavenly.


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