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Culinary Content: Winter Greens, Hotpot, Chili, and More

Updated on March 31, 2008
Vegan Visitor
Vegan Visitor

Culinary Content is a regular feature in my column here at Hubpages where I share the delicious recipes and food related articles I have come across in my travels online. This time, we have an interesting mix: Warm Winter Greens and Bread Salad, Pita Bread, Lamb and Leek Hotpot, Black Bean and Pumpkin Chili, Mushroom Tart, and an article about the Indigenous Michoacán Cuisine Exposition in Morelia, Mexico. Enjoy!

This recipe for Warm Winter Greens and Bread Salad from Herbivoracious looks like the perfect side dish for a soup or other winter main course. I love the idea of a "winter panzanella," because I love the summer tomato version and just can't get enough of winter greens.

My husband and I have been looking for a good pita recipe to make falafels with, and this pita bread recipe from Straight from the Farm looks perfect. Jennie says of it, "It's probably my favorite bread recipe at the moment and a real show-stopper when you pull out a basket of warm pita breads you made yourself!" They look so puffy and fresh, a far more appetizing version than the sad flat packages that I see at the store.

I've never eaten a hotpot before, but this Lamb and Leek Hotpot from Greedy Gourmet looks like a wonderful winter meal. Michelle says of it, "The leek-sandwiched lamb is delicately flavoured which basically comes with two types of potatoes. The potatoes at the bottom of the pot soaks up all the leek and lamb juices and the ones on top are buttered and slightly crispy."

Black Bean and Pumpkin Chili from Vegan Visitor looks like a wonderfully warm and hearty meal. I love the idea of pumpkin in a chili, and the picture just looks so good!

I love tarts, and I absolutely adore mushrooms, so this Mushroom Tart from Pittsburgh Needs Eated caught my eye right away. I know, the words "mushroom" and "tart" don't sound like they belong in the same dish, but this looked really good!

You should check out this article about the Indigenous Michoacán Cuisine Exposition in Morelia, Mexico from Mexico Cooks! The pictures alone are an interesting culinary journey. Cristina concludes, "Few aspects of culture define a people more than its gastronomy. The four Encuentros sobre la Cocina Tradicional de Michoacán permit us to realize that eating isn't only a biological necessity but the enjoyment of good taste, social life, religious rituals, and the entire heritage of the indigenous Purhépecha in Michoacán."


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