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Cultivating Catfish for Beginners

Updated on February 10, 2019
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I am Nurfarida Anisah Housewife with 2 sons, besides my housewife, I also like to plant various plants, and also like making various cakes

catfish cultivation pond
catfish cultivation pond | Source
catfish seeds are ready to be stocked
catfish seeds are ready to be stocked | Source
types of food for catfish
types of food for catfish | Source
catfish that have been harvested
catfish that have been harvested | Source

Cultivating catfish for beginners.

Cultivating catfish for beginners.

In this article I will convey about "LELE FISH CULTIVATION", where catfish are
a type of fresh fish that is in great demand, especially by the people of Indonesia.
This catfish is in the category of fish which is very easy to getand how to maintain it is easier than other fish.below there are a few tips for beginners who are interested in cultivating catfish to run well.


Catfish ponds are the first thing to be prepared, can be made in various forms, for example: from tarps, cement, or soil larger ponds that are prepared will be better for catfish development later, because it will reduce the risk of lack of oxygen which will cause the fish to die. Before the catfish seedlings are put into the pond you should wait a few days first so that the process of forming moss and phytoplankton occurs, because it can neutralize pond water so it is not easily cloudy.


If you choose catfish seeds, choose superior catfish seeds because the selection of catfish seeds will determine the growth of catfish in its developmentlater and more difficult to develop disease. Catfish seeds that have superior characteristics include:
h e will be very aggressive and agile when fed, the color of the catfish is a little brighter, the size of the catfish looks as big / small and so on.


Catfish is a type of cannibal fish for which the separation of large and small catfish needs to be done before catfish are spread to the pond. Thus we do not need to fear that large catfish will eat small catfish.

In spreading catfish seeds into the pond, the procedure must also be considered.
The thing that is sometimes done by beginner catfish farmers is how to spread the seeds together. If this is done it will be very fatal due to fish seeds catfish become stressed and can lead to death in catfish. So try using a bucket orthe like, put the catfish seeds in a bucket then put the bucket into the pool so the seeds catfish come out by themselves into the pond. For the spread of catfish seeds, it should be done
at night or morning because at that time the condition of catfish tends to be calmer.

After the catfish seeds are 20 days old after sowing, they must be rotated between large and small ones.This is done so that the small catfish do not lack food because they are inferior to the larger catfish. If this is not done it will be at risk of slow growth of small catfish and also reduces the risk of larger catfish preying on small catfish.

Setting the quality of pool water must also be considered, because catfish can survive in muddy water where green means a lot of moss which grows around the pond. that's why the color of the pool water that is good for catfish is green. When the catfish is mature and ready harvesting pool water will turn red. Although catfish do not like to live in clear water, we also cannot enter any water into the pool because we don't know that the water contains bacteria that can cause the catfish to get sick or not. It should also be noted that the depth of the pond, we must always check the water in the pond, because the water in the pond will be reduced due to the evaporation process, for this reason we must always add water to the pond to its normal position. The level of the pond in the initial month is 20 cm, the next month is 40 cm and the following month 80 cm. Try not to make the pool water too shallow because it will cause catfish to overheat and cause death. In order for the pond to be cool and catfish to be comfortable we can add water hyacinth or taro plants to the pond because besides that it is a plant it can absorb toxins in the pond, so it can reduce mortality in the catfish. In the process of feeding the catfish we can use the centrate feed type 781-1 because it contains nutrients needed by catfish such as: fat proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Feeding should not be excessive. We recommend that catfish be fed 3 times a day that is at 7am, 5pm and 10pm. If we feed excessively it will cause variety
a disease because food that is tucked away will not be consumed by fish.

Pests and diseases do not forget, too, must be considered properly, because if attacked by the disease will reduce the amount of production in catfish farming. u To avoid this we can provide many medicines available at fishing shops.
After 3 months since the stocking of catfish seeds, we have been able to harvest them by sorting fish that are fit for consumption or already have size 4-7 per kg.
Before stocking new catfish seeds, the last thing that must be done after harvesting is to clean the pond to reduce dirt or leftover food left over from the previous catfish, so that we can also find out if it is still there are catfish that are left behind or not. Because if there are still catfish that are left behind and are ready to harvest, the catfish seeds that we spread next will run out of eating the smallest catfish.

Those are some tips for running catfish farming for beginners so that the catfish business is easily developed well and turnover increases.



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