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How to Make and Decorate Cow Cupcakes - Cupcake Decorating

Updated on June 22, 2011

Cupcake Decorating - Cow Cupcakes

Cow cupcakes are great. Cupcake decorating is great fun at any age, and having learnt a few simple tecniques it's amazing how easy it is to create great designs such as a cow cupcake.

Once you've learnt how to make one animal it's easy to adapt the knowledge and create a whole farm of animal cupcakes such as frog cupcakes, pig cupcakes, lady bird cupcakes and elephant cupcakes.

The really great thing about these animal cupcakes is that they look great but are simple enough for young kids to do ~ which means cupcake decorating can become an inexpensive activity for kids during the school holidays.

This hub is above creating pig cupcakes for which you'll need a flat -topped cupcake (and if you've ever had trouble getting your cupcakes to come out of the oven with flat tops then read this article 'How to Bake The Perfect Flat Topped Cupcake'

Cow Cupcakes

What You'll Need for Your Cow Cupcakes

 You need:

White sugar paste

Black sugar paste

Pink sugar paste

Red red sugar paste

A round cookie cutter the size of your cupcake

A smaller cookie cutter

A cocktail stick

Some cooled boiled water

How to Make Your Cow Cupcake

  1. With the larger cookie cutter cut out a round of white sugar paste and cover your cupcake' If you wanted you could also cover it in green sugar paste to make it look as though your cow is in a field.
  2. With your smaller cookie cutter cut out a circle of white sugar paste and stick it in the middle of your cupcake using a drop of cooled boiled water as glue.
  3. Make 2 small pea sized balls of black icing (the ears) and stick them at the top of your cupcake so the butt up against the white circle, leaving about a 1cm gap between then. As you stick them flatten them slightly against the cupcake.
  4. Roll some pink icing into a ball about the size of a marble and stick it in the middle of the cupcake, flattening it slightly.
  5. Using a cocktail stick make 2 holes for nostrils, and using the end of a drinking straw make a smile.
  6. Still with the pink icing make 2 small balls and place them in the centre of each ear, flattening them slightly as you stick them down.
  7. With the black sugar paste make 2 tiny balls for the eyes and stick them in place, then roll a thin sausage and lay it across the top of the cows face just underneath the ears
  8. Make 2 small cones shapes out of white sugar paste and place them between the cow's ears for the horns
  9. Make a small tongue shaped piece of red icing and place it at an angle against the nose.

Hey volia ~ one cow cupcake.

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    • JanuaryFry profile image

      JanuaryFry 6 years ago from Illinois

      Cute cupcakes!

    • cre8tive profile image

      cre8tive 7 years ago from U.K

      Thanks Janeal, glad you like the hub. Hope you enjoy the other cupcake decorating ones too.

    • Janeal Mulaney profile image

      Janeal Mulaney 7 years ago

      Your hub is soooo cool. I love those cows, I'm not much good at cakes but I keep trying, I had three kids and now have four grandchildren so it helps when you decorate your own and in my small town we don't have anyone to bake and decorate them our's is frozen and then thawed so they taste really bad. I can't wait to read more of your hubs.