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Cupcake Decorating Ideas and Baking Tips

Updated on April 9, 2012

Be Imaginative and Creative

When it comes to decorating cupcakes, imagination is your only limit! The fact is that these small cakes can be very easy to decorate thanks to the wide array of decorations available in stores today.

Keep in mind though that decorating cupcake usually depend on the occasion you will be serving them in. If you’re preparing them for a child’s birthday party, then something colorful and attractive would be the best. For adult gatherings however, something simple and not overly sweet would be the best choice. This way, even grown-ups can enjoy the cupcakes without worrying about too much sugar or calories.

Have Fun with it

Some of the best cupcake decorating ideas include placing icing on top and then adding a small, clean toy at the tip. This is actually great for kids, allowing them to eat something they like while at the same time pocketing a toy they can play with at home. Creating cute animal faces using icing would also be great and would make the cupcakes more appealing for the children. Note that if you want to make your cupcakes healthier, the best way to do it would be through the original cupcake mix and not through the decoration.

You can also purchase different decorations online that are edible. You’ll find that there are actually numerous designs today from numbers, flowers to cute little babies. With the right amount of research, it won’t be hard to find cupcake toppings that would match the occasion you are serving them for. Note that the liners can actually be part of the decoration since there are different colored types available today.

Of course, if you want something fast and easy, the traditional icing and sprinkles combination would be enough. Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t just concentrate on the decorations. The cupcake itself should be well made so that everyone would enjoy eating the whole item instead of just the top.

Cupcake Accessories You Will Need

Regardless of how easy it might seem to make them, there are still some things you will need when making cupcakes. This is especially true if you intend baking them by the bulk or several times a week. With these items, you will always have the opportunity to bake cupcakes for an occasion or simply because you want to treat your family to something sweet.

Aside from the ingredients, the most important thing for cupcake baking is the pan. Pans can contain six or more slots for cupcakes at any given time. For those who bake cupcakes for leisure, just two or three pieces of these pans would do. For those who bake them by the bulk however, larger pans would be better.

Liners are also important so you need to always have a fresh stock in your kitchen. Unlike pans, cupcake liners are consumable so you need to always check your supply. Liners usually come in different designs so you have the option of choosing one depending on the occasion. For example, pink or green cupcake liner would work best for birthday parties. And for mixing all the ingredients, it is best to invest in a good quality stand mixer.

Storage and Transport

Other consumable items that might be needed for baking cupcakes are the top designs. Although not everyone decorates their cupcakes, this can be incredibly appealing and “personalizes” the concoction. Cupcake designs also make it easy for you to match the item to the occasion. For example, cupcakes with plain white icing on top could be for a wedding while those with sprinkles are perfect for children birthday parties.

Of course, those aren’t the only accessories needed to make sure that you are always ready for a cupcake fest in your house. A good cupcake server would also be helpful and adds zest to the presentation.

And for transporting those sweet and delicious cupcakes that you would hard for, a cupcake courier is a must to ensure that they stay in great shape when you bring them to a potluck party or deliver them to a friend’s house.

The good news is that most of those mentioned can be easily bought through the internet. Try browsing around for different sellers before ultimately purchasing multiple products if you want a discount.

Cupcake Baking Tips

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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