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Cupcake Fondue

Updated on July 9, 2012
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I have been scouring the internet to look for creative things to do with bridal showers. I have the honor of hosting several in the upcoming months and I am always looking out for unique things to try! I recently found this awesome idea for turning cupcakes into fondue! You just need a fondue pot or a double boiler. I'm thinking I will also rent a chocolate fountain from a local party store. This is really easy to do! I love fondue, and making mini cupcakes is sure to be fun for all the guests!


What to do:

Sometimes I like making cupcakes from scratch, but due to the amount I have to make for an event like this, I find it easier to use store bought cake mix. But that doesn't mean they will be boring.

The flavors I liked for this were strawberry, lemon, and vanilla. They look pretty, and are perfect for summer showers.

I chose candies that match the colors of the wedding. My sprinkles will be different shades of pinks and greens, and I want to get a few different varieties of berries. I want to decorate a few of each kind of cupcake just for ambiance, and then leave the rest for the fondue!

Fondue is really easy to do. If you don't have a fondue pot, a double boiler works well. Just add chocolate to melt and plug it in!

Along with basic chocolate, I found a terrific sugar glaze that will go perfectly!

The Glaze


3 cups powdered sugar

1/3 cup liquid: use juice, milk, or water (I plan on making a few kinds, so I'm doing an orange juice one, a cranberry or pomegranate juice one, maybe a lemonade one, and a milk based one)

2 tbsp light corn syrup

Mix everything together and you have a perfect glaze!

This mixture doesn't need to be heated, so just use fun ramekins to place the glazes in!

Place sprinkles nearby for decorating!

This blog is great for everything you need to know about making great cupcakes!
This blog is great for everything you need to know about making great cupcakes! | Source


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    • Heather Jacobs profile image

      Heather Jacobs 5 years ago

      Sorry I meant "That is the cutest thing ever!" not "Thank"

    • Heather Jacobs profile image

      Heather Jacobs 5 years ago

      Thank is the cutest thing ever! I love the idea, if only I knew someone who was getting married… hmmm… I am definitely going to pin this hub – I think pinterest would go wild with your idea.