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Cupcake Stands - Where To Find Large Cupcake, Mini Cupcake and Wedding Cupcake Stands and Trees

Updated on September 20, 2011

Cupcake Stands

Just about everyone loves cupcakes! And there is nothing more tempting than seeing a bunch of delicious cupcakes displayed on a cupcake stand just waiting to be enjoyed by guests.

Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for just about any holiday or occasion; Birthday Parties, Halloween Parties, Christmas Parties, Weddings, the 4th of July and just about any other occasion you can think of.

These cupcake stands will not only dress up any dessert table, but are also a very convenient and handy way to display your cupcakes when baking at home.

You can pretty much guarantee that no one will be able to pass these yummy desserts.

Cupcake Stands come in all different sizes and colors depending on your needs and preference.

Read on to find the perfect cupcake stand that will fit your next occasion.

Cupcake Stands - Wilton Metal Cupcake Stands

Wilton, one the most popular manufacturers of baking supplies, has a great selection of cupcake stands and/or cupcake trees to choose from.

You can choose between cupcake stands that hold 13 cupcakes, 19 cupcakes, 24 cupcakes or even 38 cupcakes!

Most of these are made of collapsible metal for easy carry and storage.

They also have theme cupcake stands like Disney Princess, to Tiered cupcake stands for fancier occasions such as weddings. Those are listed below.

Cupcake Stand - Fun Themed Cupcake Stands

If you are planning a special party around a theme, then these might be the perfect cupcake stands for you. Some of the themed cupcake stands include:

  • Graduation Themed Cupcake stand
  • Sports Themed Cupcake stand
  • Spongebob Cupcake stand
  • Disney Princess Cupcake stand
  • Primary Colored Cupcake stand (to be used for any occasion)
  • Aged to Perfection cupcake stand (perfect for any birthday celebration)
  • 2 Different Halloween themed cupcake stands

If you click on the blue link next to the item you are interested in you will also find color coordinated cupcake liners, cups and decorating picks that will match these stands.

Cupcake Stand - Wedding Cupcake Stands

There are also quite a few taller and more elegant cupcake stands that are perfect for weddings.

Choices include:

  • Bride and Groom Cupcake Stands
  • Tall Tier Cupcake Stands
  • Revolving Cake Stands
  • Gold Based Cupcake Stands
  • Silver Based Cupcake Stands
  • Pedestal Cake Stands¬†

Many brides and grooms are opting for serving delicious cupcakes as opposed to traditional wedding cakes.

First of all it is a cheaper option as opposed to more expensive wedding cakes, it also offers guests a unique choice of choosing what flavor of cupcake they prefer, not to mention how deliciously tempting they look when displayed. 

These stands can be displayed on individual tables for guests to enjoy or on a main dessert table. Cupcakes can be made with different flavors and can be individually decorated to match your wedding colors which also helps bring your whole reception room together.

Cupcake Stands - Other Fun Cupcake Stands

Here are a few more choices when it comes to cupcake stands.

These stands can be used for both everyday use as well as special occasions.

Just think how tempted guests will be to eat your delicious cupcakes when they see these on such beautiful display!


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      MissE 7 years ago from Texas

      Cool! Love all the different stands!