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DELICATESSEN ~Restaurant Review of an Energized Eclectic Eatery in NYC

Updated on February 18, 2016
Delicatessen in NYC
Delicatessen in NYC | Source
Outside DELICATESSEN | Source
Prince Street NYC
Prince Street NYC | Source
The Lounge area at Delicatessen
The Lounge area at Delicatessen | Source
comfy couches and artful space
comfy couches and artful space
Margarita Mac& Cheese
Margarita Mac& Cheese

The place is DELICATESSEN (54 Prince St., Ph. 212-226-0211)

This is a wonderful time of year to take in the city and Fall into a wonderful find in So-Ho, to a day and check out Delicatessen.

Who knew a retro garage motif with trendy comfort food could be such an amazing experience. As a lover of the city, but sadly just a visitor, choosing an itinerary for a day trip to NYC can be daunting. So many choices and yet choosing DELICATESSEN for our late lunch date was by far one of the best decisions made in quite a few trips to the Big Apple.

Delicatessen welcomes you in with its beautiful people and a relaxing and neighborhood feel. The retro type atmosphere combines with this old traditional space allowing you to feel the elegance and diversity of living in the City. When choosing a spot for cuisine, the idea of many fanciful options of Mac & Cheese was enticing, to say the least. The menu in no way disappointed and the choices of delectable comfort foods created a mind-boggling effect, leaving an eagerness to come again in the future to try more delightful dishes.

Our party chose a sampling of the appetizers, then followed by multiple dishes of the infamous Mac &Cheeses (each different so we could share), with of course a lovely salad to ease our guilt as we carb loaded for the day. The pricing was reasonable providing adherence to our budget. So much food and we were not at all rushed to enjoy it. Delicatessen allotted for an escape from everyday reality. The upper-level dining area had various sized tables and large garage doors with huge windows creating a sort of picture show to the business going on outside. On the lower level was a gorgeous lounge space provided under a skylight type roof, reminiscent of the world. The lounge was modern with green comfy couches that drew your eye into this beautiful space and at the same time, it physically was pulling you into its peaceful enclosure. This fantastic space rested below the openness of the old brick tenement-like building that circled the space above the lounge and mini bar. This area again located on the lower level of the restaurant was one you could imagine yourself relaxing the night away. This old meets new trendy room was eclectic in décor and at the same time could take you back to the days of old.

The staff in the dining area were so relaxed and yet attentive making you feel like a regular and also special at the same time. They were passionate about sharing stories of this eclectic environment. Stating how beautiful it is in the night light, and how a young couple got engaged in a quiet corner to the left of where we were sitting. Being from outside of the city yet living in the Tri-State area, one can appreciate the closeness to the film and theater school, as well as the many unique and fascinating shops in this immediate area. One must even give credence to the fact that some of the bohemian type patrons may have been actors and or in the industry. The crowd, in general, was so diverse it was just simply pleasing to be amongst the grouping. The tastes and smells of the fresh ingredients along with the clean lines of the tables and spotless glassware made the place pop with a crispness all its own. The menu of Mac and Cheese along with a variety of comfort food masterpieces was in a word, delightful. The idea of Mac & Cheese, with a twist of Asian, Chipotle, Margarita, Four Cheese and various others, cultivates a curiosity that is a marketing strategy in its own right. The additional Comfort Foods such as meatloaf, enormous charbroiled burgers and French fries presented in a cute silver pail, shots of soup with bite-size grilled cheese sandwiches, just to name a few and the list of yummy options goes on and on. The presentation of the food with Mac & Cheese delivered to your table in a single size cast iron skillet while resting on its own cutting board is a genius and fun. So much is right about this place and it takes you on a little adventure, one you will want to experience again and again.

DELICATESSEN restaurant has an elegant and yet lounge like ambiance. You can find yourself walking the shops in the Soho area and then purposely come upon this little gem in the City. A reservation is recommended, as this little Hot Spot is quite popular among the locals and the visitors alike.

The Place is DELICATESSEN and it is very worth a visit on your next outing to NYC.

Delicatessen Review

5 stars for DELICATESSEN Restaurant in NYC

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    • profile image

      volleyball94 4 years ago

      sounds like an awesome place to eat! who wouldn't want to try a new twist on the classic favorite mac and cheese!

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