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How To Make: DIY Garlic and Herb Chicken Couscous.

Updated on April 5, 2015
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Garlic and Herb Chicken Couscous

Garlic and Herb Chicken Couscous

This dish is easily one of my favorite lunches. Its light flavor and tender chicken are worthy of ballads and hymnals and it's aroma is enough to make a man risk dying of dehydration from salivation.

The preparation of this meal is so simple it actually made me some what annoyed at myself for not learning to make it sooner. In fact it's one of the easiest meals to make among my recipes.

To start with you are going to need the following...


x1 Large Pan or Skillet

x1 Large measuring cup

x1 Small plate or lid that fits over the measuring cup nicely

x1 Basic set of kitchen tools

Food Items :

x1 Bag of Chicken Breasts or Strips

x1 Box of couscous ( Serves two usually)

x1 Bottle of Balsamic Vinegar ( Can be omitted if desired )

x1 Bottle of Italian Dressing ( Make sure its not zesty or fat free, they will not caramelize.)

x1 Bottle of Italian Herbs

x1 Bottle of Minced Garlic

x1 Stick of Butter

x1 Bottle of Thyme ( If none is in your Italian Herbs )

x1 Sprig Rosemary ( Also optional )

x1 Broccoli florets ( Again if desired, I find they make the dish well rounded.)


Now then, you have all of your items spread out before you, in what I am sure is a very organized...pile, lets be honest here. To start take your chicken and cut it into bite sized cubes, or strips. This will allow them to cook evenly and quickly, that is after all, half the point. Once your chicken is cut take the measuring cup and prep your couscous with it. ( the instructions for this are always on the box.) Once your couscous is setting and the plate you set aside earlier is laying on top of the measuring cup containing it, move on to the broccoli.

There are many many ways you can prepare your broccoli for this dish. My personal favorite being to sauté it in butter and garlic, but as this is on a quick lunch we are simply going to steam it( you can also micro wave this on half power for about 3-5 minutes if you would rather.), take and place your broccoli in your pan and add about 1/2 a cup of water, make sure the broccoli is all to one side and the water is pooled on the other as best as you can manage, now simply turn on a burner and place the half of the pan with water in it over the heat leaving the other half with your broccoli as far off the burner as you can, then place a lid over top of it. This should take about 5 minutes or less ( more if your broccoli florets are large or still frozen. ) Once your broccoli is done set it aside on a plate.

Now we move on to the chicken, take your balsamic vinegar, Italian Dressing, herbs, garlic and butter and combine them in your pan. Set heat to about 7. Once your " Garlic and Herb" sauce is completely mixed and smells like something that would make Bobby Flay sweet bullets your ready to toss in the chicken. This should only take you about 5 minutes as well, check the thickest piece of chicken in the pan, once its white throughout the chicken is done, remove the pan from the heat but leave the chicken in their to soak up the flavor as it cools.

Take the couscous you set aside earlier and place it on the center of your plate making a small indentation or " bowl " in the middle of it. Place your chicken inside this bowl, your broccoli around the out side edge. Pour some of your remaining sauce over top of this and step back to appreciate the majesty of what you have created, for this my friends, is simplicity at its finest, a lunch that once mastered can be completed in the course of 15-20 minutes with a flavor that tastes like it took 45.

Lunch is served.

This recipe was added upon request by a friend of mine, I hope you enjoy it mate!


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