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Dad Cook Easy Recipes: Did You Say Disney's Perry the Platypus Birthday Cake?

Updated on August 19, 2012

Perry The Platypus in Animated Form


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Meet Perry!

Ok Dad, as you know if you have read my other recipes, I generally try to focus on simple ideas that even we, yes, we Dads can do with minimal skills and hopefully minimal effort with maximum results. My most recent recipe is for a Disney themed birthday cake instead of my typical quick and easy dinners; specifically, a Perry the Platypus birthday cake. If you are not yet aware of Perry, don’t worry, you soon will be very, very aware and that is a good thing because Phineus and Ferb, a Disney cartoon which Perry is part of, is one of the better kids cartoons out there and is very tolerable to highbrow adults like you and I... The good news is that Perry the Platypus birthday cake is really pretty easy to create with some relatively easy ingredients and instructions for the decorations. Maybe mom will be good enough to get you started by baking the cake in a bread loaf pan so you can proceed with the fun part! The Creation of Perry! Don’t worry; we won’t expose you to trying to create the deeper in character, and complex in design alter ego of Perry the Platypus, Agent- P! Enjoy! Your kids surely will!

Cook Time

Prep time: 1 hour
Ready in: 1 hour
Yields: Serves 12 Children

If Mom's Happy, Everyone's Happy!


  • 1 Cake, Birthday Cake Made in Bread Loaf Pan
  • 1 ea Eggo Waffle, Perry's Tail
  • 7 ea Circus Peanuts, Perry's Nose and Feet
  • 2 Marshmallows, Perry's Bulging Eyes
  • 1 tube Cake /cookie decorating gel, Perry's Eyes
  • 1 Container Cake Icing, White or Vanilla
  • 2 ea Food Coloring (1 Blue, 1 Green), Perry's Theil Fur
  • 2 ea pretzel sticks, to hold perry's eyes onto cake

Cake Baked in Bread Loaf Pan: Good Starting Point!


Well, At Least We Finally Found a Use For 'em


Use 2 From the Bag, Eat the Rest With Ice Cream!


It's All in The Eyes: Marshmallows


Leggio My Tailo? Hey, Whatever Works!


The Anticipation!


The Making of Perry

  1. Scoop Vanilla or White Icing into a mixing bowl
  2. Using Blue and Green Food Coloring, add equal parts of each to the white icing and mix vigourously. Repeat until desired color is achieved. (preferably theil blue to stay true to the Perry theme)
  3. Once appropriate color is achieved, spread theil icing onto the bread loaf shaped cake you prepared earlier as normal until the entire "body" is covered with a liberal amount of icing.
  4. Stick a pretzel stick into two separate marshmallows and then proceed to push the opposite end of the stick into the narrow end of the Perry cake where the eyes should be (refer to picture)
  5. Using Decorative cake/cookie gel, color in part of the marshmallow to look like perry's pupils (slightly wandering eye is appropriate)
  6. Make Perry's feet using 4 orange colored circus peanuts. The hind feet can be placed in position as is. The front feet should be flattened with the smooth end of a meat tenderizer. See picture for proper placement.
  7. Using 3 orange colored circus peanuts, make Perry's Bill. you will have to be creative here but start by "pounding" together all 3 circus peanuts into one big orange mound. Dividing two fingers, press on the circus peanut mound to form a duck bill shape. Smooth and shape until you are happy with the bills appearance. (kind of takes you back to your playdough years)
  8. place duck bill beneath Perry's eyes and against the cake.
  9. Make Perry's tail using a toasted eggo waffle. Simply toast the waffle and cut into a four sided shape with one side slightly longer than the other as seen in the picture. Then, simply place the new tail on Perry's back side as seen in picture.
  10. There you have it, a simply Perry the Platypus that your child will get excited about!

The Only Result That Matters!

In the end Dad, you put the effort in and Perry is looking pretty "Platified". Even if you messed up a little with the bill or the eyes aren't crossed enough, your kid will recognize one of his favorite cartoon characters and will remember this birthday cake forever! Make sure you take pictures as evidence you once made a birthday cake!

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1/12th of cake
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

© 2012 Peter Leeper


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    • Peter Leeper profile image

      Peter Leeper 5 years ago from Londonderry, New Hampshire

      No Problem Tiffany. It was a very fun family project!

    • Peter Leeper profile image

      Peter Leeper 5 years ago from Londonderry, New Hampshire

      No Problem Tiffany. It was a very fun family project!

    • profile image

      Tiffany 5 years ago

      Very neat! Thanks for the idea!!