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Dairy Free, Soy Free Ice Cream Recipe

Updated on March 20, 2012

About the Author: Brandi Ryan began cooking without dairy and soy in 2007. She has served her family over 7000 meals and snacks without allergic consequences or blowing the budget on specialty foods.

A little fat buys a lot of forgiveness when making dairy free, soy free ice cream at home. If you've ever poured almond milk into an ice cream freezer with your fingers crossed you know that not every thing churned will become ice cream. Straight chocolate almond milk becomes a sheet of brown ice and can ruin the motor on your machine if not caught in time. This recipe uses just two ingredients, coconut cream and strawberries, to make a delicious, tropical frozen dessert that, while not exactly the same as full fat dairy ice cream, is rich and indulgent.

1 Pound Washed and Topped Ripe Strawberries

This is not a full pound.
This is not a full pound.

1 Seven Ounce Can Cream of Coconut

Combine the strawberries and coconut cream in a blender or food processor. Blend to personal taste. If you prefer larger pieces of strawberries in your ice cream then leave some. If you prefer a smoother ice cream you'll need to blend longer.

Coconut cream is already sweetened. No additional sugar is necessary.

Prior to freezing the liquid volume is significantly reduced and perhaps a bit disheartening. Fear not. This recipe makes approximately four cups of ice cream after freezing and aeration. Like all homemade ice cream this will be a softer serve product that melts quickly immediately after the first freeze. Store the mixture in an air tight container or with a layer of plastic wrap or waxed paper pressed directly on the surface of the ice cream. An hour of hardening will produce a harder ice cream. If stored for several days you may need to thaw it briefly at room temperature before serving.

Pour the mixture into the container of your ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer's directions. In general expect it to take two hours from the time you walk in the door with the ingredients until you can eat your treat. This includes time for washing, blending, freezing, and clean up.

Tasty, Tasty Ice Cream

Commercial Comparison

A can of cream of coconut costs $3. The price of strawberries is variable but this particular pound cost $1.88. This adds up to a total cost of $4.88 per quart.

Store bought Rice Dream Ice Cream averages $7 per quart, has more unpronounceable ingredients than I care to feed my kids, and tastes terrible.

Homemade for the win.


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    • hubcloud profile image

      hubcloud 5 years ago from India

      yummy! thanks for the recipes.