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Awesome Dairy-Free Vegan Cheese for Pizza

Updated on October 25, 2014

Shredded Daiya

Vegan Cheese that Melts Like Cheese

The difficult bit about maturing is becoming a more ethical person. When you start reading ingredient labels and researching parent companies and what they are doing with the profits you give them, you awaken to a new reality. Trying to live an ethical, socially conscious, vegan lifestyle in the world we live in is a learning experience to say the least.

When I became vegan, I found myself horrified at the atrocities committed to bring me the most trivial of products. It became apparent that misery and death are the number one ingredient in basically every product Americans buy. To live without killing, you must read labels, find trustworthy companies, and ensure that your dollar is being used to promote a better world, the world you want to live in. Remember, when that dollar leaves your wallet, it lands in another, which has more dollars and belongs to someone with a bigger voice than yours. Be sure they are saying what you want to be said.

Daiya Wedge

Dairy-Free Cheese that Tastes Like Cheese

One product that I truly miss is cheese. Sure, it's trivial, I'd never kill for cheese, but I miss it nonetheless. I've tried several cheese substitutes and my favorite store bought version is Daiya, hands down. Daiya Foods makes several types of vegan cheese and all are fantastic. The shredded Mozzarella melts well on pizza, and it's great in a calzone. They have sliced, shredded, spread, and wedge style as well as a line of frozen pizza. The wedge style Havarti is rich and decadent, and their slices are creamy and delicious. I haven't tried their cheese spreads or frozen pizzas yet, but I am anxious to gave the opportunity!

The trait that sets Daiya cheese ahead of the others is that it delivers spectacular flavor and still retains the structure and texture characteristics of dairy cheese. The way Daiya melts says it all, pizza just isn't pizza without the melted cheese keeping all those tasty toppings in place. Daiya is great for sandwiches and wraps too! The only negative thing I could say about Daiya is that it doesn't seem to burn. I like to broil the cheese on a pizza and let bubble, but Daiya just melts more. They only cheese I've found to meet all of my pizza needs is homemade Moxerella, but Daiya is the closest second.

Daiya Foods is a privately owned company, they have been in business since 2008. The co-founders are both vegan. Daiya slices and wedges do not contain palm oil, but the shredded cheese does. They only use sustainably sourced palm oil from Brazil for the Shredded cheeses. Daiya Foods doesn't have an organic certification, but they use high quality, non-gmo ingredients.

I hope this review helps. I believe that we can only change this world by making the right choice every time and learning from the moments when we fail to do so. Even a trivial purchase of cheese can mean the suffering and death of a living, feeling being. You don't want to be a part of that. Choose vegan, choose cruelty free, choose compassion.


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    • Nate Haynes profile image

      Nate Haynes 

      4 years ago from Hardinsburg, Kentucky

      That is good to know. The next time I'm near one I should stock up XD

    • Bob Bruce profile imageAUTHOR

      Bob Bruce 

      4 years ago from Hardinsburg, Kentucky

      Thanks for the kind words! Kroger usually carries Daiya. They keep it by the tofu and tempeh and Earth Balance vegan butter.

    • Nate Haynes profile image

      Nate Haynes 

      4 years ago from Hardinsburg, Kentucky

      Nice. I just wish I could find Daiya in my local grocery store :'( We found it once, and then they stopped carrying it. I'm hoping at some point to refine my moxarella recipe, when I have it perfect I'll share it with you Bob. I'm glad you've got a hub going on, I shall do my best to frequent it.


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