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Best Dallas Vegetarian Restaurants

Updated on September 22, 2010

 If you are out and about in the Dallas area and looking for good vegetarian restaurants, the choices are few, but they are very good.  These types of restaurants are becoming more and more popular in Dallas, but a little slower due to the fact that this is steak and barbecue country.  This article will provide you with helpful information about some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Dallas.

Where To Eat - Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are looking for great atmosphere and delicious fare then these restaurants would be a good start:

Spiral Diner - Founded in 2002, this is a Vegan diner with outstanding ratings for taste. The menu is loaded with different types of coffee, tea, and organic juices. They have a menu also to accommodate people with special allergies. I would recommend the "Big Texas Salad" or if you are a little hungrier, the Parmigiana Wrap. They also are famous for their delicious cakes.

Cosmic Cafe- This cafe is rated the "Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Dallas" by the Dallas Observer. It also offers more than just food, with group yoga and other fun activities for you and your family. The menu includes lunch and dinner with favorites like Buddhas Delight, or their ever scrumptious Spinach Enchiladas.


Bliss Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar- Raw means exactly that. All of the food served at Bliss is uncooked and unrefined. This is a vegan friendly cafe with ingredients void of any gluten and sugar, meat or dairy, and genetically modified food. I would recommend any of their super food elixirs including the Chocolate Bliss or the Minty Hemp super food elixir. Free Wifi for all of you who are attached to your laptop like me.

Greenz Salads- This is an everyone friendly place to eat. From the strictest vegetarian to even your every day meat eater. The idea behind this establishment is to create unique salads custom to everyone that comes in to dine. They don't discriminate, and all eating styles are welcome. They have several locations all over the Dallas metroplex. Truly one of the unique Dallas organic spots for Dallas cuisine.

Vegetarian Dallas Restaurant Video

 This is a short high definition video about Bliss Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar.  It makes me really hungry to watch this video.

Vegetarian Restaurant Map Dallas

A markerCosmic Cafe Dallas -
2912 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219, USA
get directions

This cafe has been voted the best vegetarian restaurant in Dallas by the Dallas Observer.


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