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Canning Pears

Updated on May 14, 2012

Pear Canning

My new thing today is canning pears. Yesterday I made strawberry jam and remember quite well thinking, 'wow this is messy'. Then today I was wonderfully surprised at how lucky I was yesterday.

I just moved into this house this year, and I have two huge pear trees in my yard which both bear a lot of fruit. I know everyone must say this about their own fruit, but these pears are better than I've ever had. They're sweeter and juicier than the ones at the supermarket. So, seeing that all my friends are in love with these pears, I felt it would be sad for me not to take advantage of such a rare opportunity. I picked what I considered to be a ton, and got to work.

Peeling the pears, slicing them and coring them wasn't all that bad. I actually had a pretty decent process going on with lemon water to avoid the browning caused by all that terribly inconsiderate air. The jars were warmed, the water was ready for jar boiling...and the pot full of sticky sugar water, waiting to sheathe my stove top and counter top, was ready for pears.The sugar water was the 'light syrup' used to pack the pears in. I'd hate to see what cleaning hell the heavier stuff reigns down.

So. Pears. I was surprised at how many pear pieces I could fit into the jars. I used 500 ml jars. It really wasn't a hard process by any means, just long and slightly tedious. It will be oh-so worth it though when I'm eating delicious summer pears in mid-February. Other than the clean up of the sugar water I really didn't have much issue with this. I wouldn't really call it 'fun', but I wouldn't avoid doing it again either.

And so, next to my jam are now 12 jars of creamy-coloured pear halves ready for mid-winter enjoyment, and this covers my 'new' for the day.


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