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Jam Again!

Updated on January 12, 2013

Jam Again.

After my strawberry jam creation the other day, jealous I am no more of those weekend Jammers! So today I, being an expert now, made jam again. Only this time, pear jam. So it's still sort of something new. As I mentioned in 'Jammin'', I have two giant, fruit bearing pear trees in my yard. I still had a lot of pearsleft over from the canning yesterday, so I picked even more and off I went.

I did the same thing for this as I did for the strawberry, except of course I used the pear recipe. I started peeling and coring pears, chopping them and mashing them into a huge measuring cup I have. Two hours and almost 50 pears later I have the required 8 cups of mashed pears. My god. I begin the cooking process expecting it to be much like the strawberries, which it was, at first... the time limit hits and it still isn't proper gel consistency so I keep cooking as the troubleshooting guide suggests to me. Turns out it's a lot easier to scorch pear jam than it is strawberry jam. Do you know what happens if you let pear jam go too long without stirring it? Imagine an angry, active volcano erupting all over your stove. Try to move that off the burner. Oh yea! Burn city to the hasty cook! I only got one burn, on my arm before I jerked it back as if having been bitten by some bloodthirsty animal, my husband calling to me from the living-room to see if everything was 'ok'. Am I 'ok', while making jam. Only me... Once I got the pot off the burner, I stirred it the best I could trying to get it unstuck from the bottom of the pot without making it look like that typical 'Ohh..looks..good ..what is that ..?' burnt jam. I was able to take most of the little burnt pieces out, and I continued cooking it... while stirring it constantly . It finally finished and I, almost vengefully, put it into the jars and boiled them. Upon taking the last of the jars out to put on the table one broke free from the tongs and dropped onto the floor. It didn't splat all over the place, but the seal did break and a little came out.

This wasn't as enjoyable as the process of strawberry jam, but it'll all be worth it if it taste good. One thing to note, pear jam is quite a bit sweeter than strawberry jam. Really sweet in fact, but my husband seems to like it. Some things I think might be interesting to try:

-french toast with pear jam and a little maple syrup topped with whipped cream


-waffles with pear jam, a tiny drizzle of maple syrup and topped with whipped cream.

Oooo yum!

There you have it. Pear jam - successful with bumps.


My husband had this pear jam on his toast the other day and said, "No, it's not too sweet at all, it's really good!".

This morning I made waffles with butter, this pear jam and whipped cream on them. They were really, really good!


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