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Deep Frying At Home, Pieces Of Wisdom

Updated on March 28, 2012
You need to practice safety and common sense when deep frying at home.
You need to practice safety and common sense when deep frying at home.

Deep Frying Can Be Hazardous To Your Health.

And no I'm talking about what happens before you even start eating not that deep fried foods are hazardous to your health.. You need to practice safety when your deep frying at home. Every year many homes are damaged or destroyed by fires caused by people deep frying at home. A lot of these fires are caused when people try to deep fry in a shallow pan or pot and grease spills over onto a burner causing a fire. If your deep frying in a pot or pan be sure that its deep enough and never fill it over half full with oil for deep frying., If you fill it to full with oil it can boil or bubble over and cause a fire.

Use Care When Deep Frying.

And a lot of people leave leave a pan or pot of grease unattended for a few minutes and a fire happens. The person panics and pours water on the grease fire or runs with out trying to put the fire out. Just a word of warning here. If you put water onto a grease fire your only going to cause the fire to spread. If you have to use a pan or pot as a deep fryer never fill it over half full with oil and have a tight fitting lid ready to put on the pot or pan in the event of a fire.

Consider Buying A Home Deep Fryer.

You are better off buying a home deep fryer that has a lid that can be pulled down and shut. Most home deep fryers have a thermostat that you can set. You should really look for a home deep fryer that is equipped with a thermometer and you should set the temperature to 350 degrees for most deep frying. If you do buy a home deep fryer be sure to read the instruction book or paper work that comes with your home deep fryer. Here I'll say this. You get what you pay for. If your going to be using your home deep fryer a lot try to find one of the newer models that automatically shut off if the oil becomes to hot. You also want a lid that locks down. With those things you should have a great experience deep frying at home.

You should set your home deep fryer up with a tray underneath it to prevent oil from getting spilled on the floor or on counter tops. You can line the tray with paper towels and change them often for sanitary reasons.

You Need A Fire Extinguisher In Your Kitchen.

You should have at least one fire extinguisher in your kitchen in case of a fire. If your kitchen is large you may want to have two fire extinguishers in two different parts of the kitchen so you can be sure to get to one of the extinguishers in the event of a fire. Remember never put water on a grease fire. It will only spread the fire and won't put it out.

Frozen Foods Can Cause Fires

Never try to bread and deep fry frozen meats or vegetables. Let them thaw out before you bread and deep fry them. If you put frozen food in the deep fryer the water will cause the oil to bubble over onto the burner and cause a fire. You should also be careful about putting excess water into hot oil.

Consider Buying A Home Deep Fryer.

If I was going to be doing a lot of deep frying at home I would buy one of the home deep fryers that has a basket that lifts up and down, has a thermostat and thermometer and the deep fryer has a lid. With these things you should be safe. For most deep frying you can set your home deep fryer to cook at 350 degrees. If the fryer has a basket you can lift your food up out of the oil and drain it before you drain your fried food on paper towels.

Safety Tips To Remember About Home Deep Frying.

The main danger with home deep frying is a fire caused by oil boiling over into a burner and causing a fire or the oil becoming so hot that it flashes over and bursts into flames. You should never cook at over 375 degrees. If you do you risk causing a major fire. You really should try to deep fry at home at 350 degrees. Cook your food in small batches so you don't cool down your oil to much. Trying to cook to much food at one time can lower your oil temperature to low to be able to cook your food. So always fry in small batches.

Remember never put a lot of water or frozen food into your fryer or it will cause the oil to boil over and if your frying in a pot or pan on a stove burner you will have a fire. Let meats thaw out completely before you bread and deep fry them.

Try to buy one of the newer models of home deep fryers that automatically turn off if the oil becomes to hot. Always go for any added safety features.

If you want to you can extend the life of your oil by draining it from the deep fryer and straining it through a filter. But be sure to let the oil to cool to room temperature before you try to strain it. Don't try to try to strain it when to hot or you'll run the risk of getting a bad burn.

I hope these tips keep you from having a fire at home from deep frying. I once had a fire from frying in a pan on the stove and its served to keep me on my toes ever since. I want to thank you for reading my Hub Page. I hope you have a nice day and I hope you'll return to read more of my Hub Pages soon.

Please post your comments about Deep Frying at home now. And thanks for reading my Hub Page on Deep Frying.

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