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Degree Programs for a Career as a Sous Chef

Updated on August 30, 2014

Though a degree is not essential to become a chef, it is good to have a degree along with the skills to establish well in this field. One can get to work as an assistant sous chef right after completing high school. When one starts at a young age, it becomes easier for them to get acquainted with the format and the mode of operations for sous chefs in the kitchen. Moreover, working from a young age assist the aspiring sous chefs to be a better team player and work under demanding schedules.

There are many culinary programs where a certificate will be awarded on completion of the program. For those who are keen on degree culinary arts degrees courses are also available. Culinary arts degrees can be obtained from a technical college or culinary schools. The Culinary Institute of America and Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts College are among the many institutes which offer a course for getting a degree in culinary arts.

The culinary arts degrees are specially designed for those who want to carve a niche in the hospitality industry. Before getting into cooking programs, one has to assess himself about his attitude and his choice and what would he want to do. There are specialized categories in culinary arts programs as well which can be pursued. The money one wants to spend on the education and the time also needs to be assessed before getting into the source. There are basic certificate courses, degree courses and master’s courses offered for those who are interested. The culinary schools like California Culinary Academy and Culinard in Birmingham are among the many culinary schools offering education in this field. The community colleges also offer cooking programs and certificate courses who do not want to take up the extensive degree courses.

All the courses basically aim at teaching basic cooking techniques, nutrition value of foods and how to retain them and ideas about developing new recipes. The certificate courses are economical compared to the degree and master’s courses. However, a person with a culinary art degree stands a better chance of employment than a person with just a certificate course. There are also degree programs which train in a specialized area like cooking healthy and natural foods which is offered by the Natural Gourmet Institute, New York and School of Natural Cookery, Boulder, Colorado.

There are many cooking degrees available for those aspiring persons to get into a career of a sous chef, and one has to carefully select a certificate course or degree depending on his financial position. A master’s degree is the best to achieve if one can afford it. There are also choices of taking a certificate course, then gaining some experience and hit big. Those who have creativity, application of mind and interest in baking, healthy food habits and natural foods, can achieve excellent goals by hard work. The hospitality industry is growing every day and the opportunities in this field are unlimited.


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