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Delicious Bakery in Greensboro, NC - A Review

Updated on October 18, 2017
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A bakery named Delicious

Delicious bakery in Greensboro, NC is a nice bakery. This small yet locally famous bakery has a simple but oh so effective name, Delicious. Of course, there is a lot of pressure for the bakery to live up to its name, Delicious but it does not disappoint. Ordering some Holiday treats at Delicious bakery in Greensboro, North Carolina was a lovely experience. The kids were thrilled to be at Delicious bakery. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and the décor included black leather couch seating. The bakery was bustling when we visited but we were still able to place and receive our orders in a very timely fashion. There were many cakes on display in the glass cases and we looked around before deciding.

Tasty holiday treats at Delicious bakery in Greensboro, North Carolina

I had been hearing about Delicious bakery in Greensboro, North Carolina for such a long time and a few years ago, I attended a retirement party where everyone raved about the cake and made many mentions that it was from Delicious bakery. As I mentioned in my Jimmy John’s restaurant review, sometimes an eatery is recommended to me and it takes me a very long time before getting around to trying it. While eventually trying out the offerings at Delicious bakery, I was not disappointed. Last Christmas season, while visiting Delicious bakery, we came up with the idea to purchase our first ever “Merry Christmas” cake. The children celebrating the birth of Jesus can’t help but think of some cake after all. A “Merry Christmas” cake was never a tradition in our family prior to this. The cake decorator herself thought that it was an interesting concept and had never gotten that request before. She was meticulous in writing the “Merry Christmas” phrase for us and the cake was decorated beautifully, in general, with white icing and chocolate chips. Interestingly, the filling was pumpkin, still popular from the fall season. The tasty pumpkin cake had chocolate chips in it as well. Costing under $30, this custom made cake was large and kept in the refrigerator, it lasted as dessert for the family for several days. Some of this type cake can be cut and potentially placed in the freezer as well. Due to time constraints this year, no additional baking was done at home and this sweet treat was plenty to last. The Merry Christmas cake also seemed very special to the kids especially and it added to the festivity of the Holiday season. At Delicious bakery, the goods are packaged very simply in brown cardboard boxes with a sticker from the business.

A wonderful option for the Holidays

Other items that we have tried at Delicious bakery in Greensboro, North Carolina include individual cupcakes in varying flavors such as cheesecake and the bread pudding which was fantastic but the accompanying sauce for the bread pudding had a very strong and somewhat bitter taste. The bread pudding sauce takes an acquired taste. Generally, the cake and cupcake decorations and designs were quite impressive and included cupcakes that looked like reindeer faces.

With the Holiday season fast approaching again, Delicious bakery is a wonderful place for purchasing Holiday desserts if you are in the area. For Greensboro residents, it is a well known local bakery that has earned a reputation for good quality baked goods. For many people who do not have the time or desire to do baking for themselves, sweet treats from Delicious bakery can add to the Holiday menu during the joyous celebrations.

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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