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Delicious Chicken Soup

Updated on February 18, 2013

Let's get started shall we ? This soup basically involves two main ingredients which are:

1. You must have a chicken.

2. You must have Wide Noodles.

You got these two things, ok good, let's move to the main ingredients part. Here is what you need for this special chicken soup.

1. Virgin Olive Oil. Two tablespoons.

2. Coarse Sea Salt, which you can get it from a local super store.

3. Get 3 pieces of Leeks. You only need the white and green part. Now you have to cut the leeks in cross wise manner. You need to keep rings of leeks intact.

4. some pepper ( I prefer fresh pepper).

5. Now the chicken. You need to add seven cups of chicken broth. I prefer homemade but it's entirely up to you.

6. 1 small piece of garlic. Smashed one is preferred.

7. You now need to add noodles which should be close to 6 ounces.

8. Three cups of roasted chicken. The skin should be on, breast meat.

9. Add two cups of peas (frozen).

10. Add two tablespoons of dill. The dill should be freshly chopped.

How to Cook the Delicious Chicken Wide Noodles Soup

The steps:

1. Take a skillet, it should be twelve inch. Heat oil, with medium-high heat.

2. Now you have to add the leeks. Be careful not to unravel the rings. Now you have to reduce the heat to medium low level.

3. Add salt and pepper to the leeks. Cook the leeks for about nine minutes.

4. In the same time, get a small pot and add smashed garlic with broth. Now boil it. Also add Noodles in it and stir it. Keep stirring until it becomes tender. You need to cook for about twelve minutes at most. When you are done, remove the garlic.

5. Now you must have the remaining leeks. Add these leeks to the soup. Add dill, peas (frozen) and chicken. You have to cook for about two to three minutes more.

6. Your soup is ready! Add some pepper and leeks for garnishing. Best served while hot.


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