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Delicious Deviled Eggs

Updated on July 21, 2013

My Delicious Deviled Eggs


Deviled Egg Recipe

I have been making deviled eggs for years now and I consider them my specialty. I make them for Thanksgiving or Christmas every year. And with the holidays approaching I figured I would share my deviled egg recipe with all of you. I love this recipe because I am not a big fan of sweet pickles and I think the dill pickles add more of a salty taste.



Ingredients Needed:


1 Dozen Eggs (or as many as needed, this recipe makes 24)


¼ cup Miracle Whip


1 Tbsp original Mustard


1 Tsp A1 sauce


2 Tsp dill pickle juice


1 cup chopped Claussen (I recommend this brand for it’s texture) dill pickle


1 Tsp salt


1 Tsp pepper



Fill a medium to large pot about halfway with cold water. Place each egg carefully into the water one by one. Place on a burner of medium-medium high heat. Bring the water to a boil and let eggs boil for about 15-25 minutes. (I always wait 25 minutes because I do not want the eggs to be undercooked.)




Place eggs under luke warm running water for about 5-10 minutes. (this helps the shells come off easier, if you use cold water they have a tendency to be more difficult).


Meanwhile, chop about 5 whole Claussen dill pickles into relish sized pieces. If you have a food chopper then use that instead of chopping the pickles by hand (it saves you a lot of time). Chop enough pickles to fill 1 cup generously, place pickles aside.


Once the eggs have cooled off, peel the shells off of each egg without tearing the egg white.


Once your eggs are peeled cut each egg lengthwise and use a small spoon to get out the egg yolk. Place the hard boiled egg yolks into a large bowl.


Once all of your yolks have been taken out now you can start adding your ingredients.

Add Miracle Whip, Mustard, pickles, A1 sauce, pickle juice and salt and pepper. Use a fork to mash the yolks and mix the ingredients. Mix until you have a rich, smooth texture.

Now it is time to try your egg filling. If you think your filling needs more Miracle Whip, then add more, if you think it needs more mustard, then add more. This is the biggest tip I can give you when making deviled eggs, this is a general recipe but it is important to add to taste.


After you are satisfied with your egg filling, now you can add the filling into the egg white. Use a small spoon to add the filling into the yolk hole of each egg half. If you finish and have filling left over then feel free to add more to each egg, I have never seen a person complain over a filled deviled egg. Sprinkle with paprika for a little color. Trust me your deviled eggs will be the hit of any gathering!  


I also recommend using a deviled egg carrying case because they can be a difficult food to transport since they tend to move around. I use the pampered chef chillzane shown below, this is a great carrier because it is filled with water so you can freeze it and keep the eggs cold, it holds 24 egg halves.





My Delicious Deviled Eggs!

It is much easier to transport the eggs if you have a tray! See below for some different deviled egg trays.
It is much easier to transport the eggs if you have a tray! See below for some different deviled egg trays.


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