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Delicious meals to make on your George Forman Grill

Updated on September 5, 2012

George Forman Grill

George Forman Grill
George Forman Grill

George Forman Grill

Hi my name is Lisa and my favorite item in my kitchen is my George Forman Grill. I have the family size on that was given to me several years ago for a birthday gift and it remains an item that gets used week after week. I have a few things that l live to make on there and that is Steak, Hamburgers and Grilled Chicken, I have a few different recipes that I follow and or make up as I go along. On one of my other hub pages you will find the exact recipe for my Grilled Chicken Salad and a few others.

Some of my Favorites

When I make steak on the George Forman Grill I like to either make T-bone or NY Strip as these are my two favorites. I start with a little melted butter. Add my seasonings, which usually include some fresh garlic cloves some pepper a little adobo and a dash of paprika. I then heat my grill, get my grill brush brush gently my steaks with butter mixture and put on grill. In 4-8 minutes depending on the steaks thickness I have a perfect steak that I usually serve with a garden salad with a nice dinner roll or bread and butter.

When I make Hamburgers on my grill I like to start off with a lean cut of ground beef. I put the hamburger meat in a bowl mix up with a little bit of italian style bread crumbs about 1/2 cup and some garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, and a squirt of Sweet baby rays original BBQ sauce, Mix well and make hamburger patties.

Heat the grill and put on the burgers and 5-7 minutes laters perfect burgers.(if making cheeseburgers make sure when you add the cheese you leave your top open) I like to serve on hamburger buns with onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles or sometimes I like to make the burgers on Cuban Bread with a little butter and press them for a different taste. Any way you like to serve your burgers this is a quick and fairly healthy way to enjoy your burger.

When I make Pork Chops I use a little butter and 1 packet of sazon and a little garlic powder. Coat the chops with butter mixture and pop on the grill they usually cook in about 7 minutes depending on the thickness. I notice the boneless chops cook much quicker. While Pork chops are cooking I preheat my oven get a baking pan and when the pork chops are just about done I remove from grill. Add BBQ sauce with my grill brush and put pork chops in oven for 10-15 minutes to soak in the bbq sauce flavor. This can be served so many ways but I like to make it corn on the cob and cheesy potatoes

Did you know you can make Bacon on your George Forman, It comes out perfectly crispy and most the grease will drain right to the pan. Awesome for quick clean up!!!

Now for my very favorite thing to make on the George Forman is Grilled Chicken. I love to use the frozen chicken breast from Target that are preseasoned herb and garlic, All you have to do is put the frozen pieces on the grill nothing else is needed. Heat grill add chicken and 7-8 minutes later perfect chicken that is tasty and has no added fat.

When I make My Own grilled chicken I like to put the chicken in a bowl coat with Italian Salad Dressing add a little cayenne pepper, garlic, pepper and paprika heat grill and add chicken, I like to serve this grilled chicken in a garden salad

Tell me your favorites meals you make on your George Forman or indoor grill

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      rmcrayne 4 years ago from San Antonio Texas

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      This hub has been copied and spun, and posted at Healthy Food as “Delicious foods to generate with your George Forman Grill”.