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Desirable Table Etiquette

Updated on February 11, 2010


Table etiquette are acceptable patterns of behavior at the table during mealtime. Acceptable behavior makes eating more pleasant. Table etiquette reveal one's home training or upbringing. Here are some rules that should help you form good table manners:

1.   Wash your hands before every meal. Cleanliness is just as important at snack time or at mealtime, in school or at home.

2.                    Spread butter or jam on a piece of bread as eaten, never on a whole piece, at once. Bread is a finger food. It is eaten with the fingers.

3.                    Sip from the side of your soup spoon.

4.                    Use the knife for cutting food or spreading butter or jam. Use fork and spoon for eating other foods.

5.                    Keep your mouth shut when chewing. Eat quietly and slowly. Don't talk with your mouth full. If someone asks you a question, wait until you have swallowed the food before answering. Take small mouthfuls at a time.

6.                    Do your best to eat the food served even if you do not like them very much.

7.                    Do your share in keeping the conversation pleasant and interesting. Avoid arguments at the table.

8.                    Be neat with your food. Do not scatter crumbs or bits of food on the table cloth.

9.                    Be thoughtful of the needs of others. If a dish near you is needed, pass it without being asked.

10.            Try to finish your food at the same time as the others at the table. If it is necessary to leave have he table before the meal is over, beg to be excused.


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