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Diabetes Recipes

Updated on May 28, 2011

Indian Vegetarian Recipes for Diabetes

Dear Reader

Thank you for reaching my site.

Currently we are in the process of creating an eBook containing Indian Vegetarian recipes suitable for people with diabetes.

I invite you and request you to contribute 3 recipes – entrée, main and dessert - which in your opinion, knowledge and experience are suitable for a person with diabetes.

The recipes may be with or without spices.

The ingredients must be in natural form and not taken out of a packed can or frozen.

You may use English, Hindi or Gujarati names for the ingredients.

The recipes will be examined by specialized dieticians.

The recipe selected will be included in the eBook with your name as a contributor.

So please send me your suggestions as soon as possible.

Please do include the following details with the recipes:

Your name:

Name of the town you live:


Your suggestion:

We value your privacy. We promise and assure you we will not give your name or email address to anyone.

We appreciate your help. With yours and other’s tips, this will be the best Diabetes Indian Recipe Book

Thanking you

With Regards

Pravin Vaghani

All correspondence by email to:

Note: The profit from this book will be used for the education of poor children in India.


Why this eBook?

What is Diabetes ?

Diabetes is a deadly decease. It occurs because of the failure of Pancreas to generate sufficient insulin to break down sugar in the blood. So in addition to the Allopathic medicines available, it is important that the diet also is modified.

Maharishi Charak

Diabetes was known to the ancient scientists, called ‘Rishis’s for a long time. Charak Rishi, the pioneer of Ayurvedic medicines, has done extensive research in this. There are Ayurvedic natural herbs recommended for the cure or minimisation of diabetes. However, Ayurved also puts great emphasis on diet. It is claimed that diabetes can be avoided or cured by regular diet of particular vegetables, legumes and herbs.

The Dietician

After I was diagnosed having Type 2 diabetes over two decades ago, my first appointment was with a dietician.

She studied my eating habits and the food I regularly consumed.

When a list was prepared of the food items and spices that were included in my normal consumption I was astounded. Now, some of these were useful, some neutral and some harmful to my body.

Some of my favourite items had to be removed from my diet and new, not so much of my liking, had to be added.

The Triangular Chart

I was also given a triangular picturesque chart. At the wide base of the triangle there were many items recommended for daily consumption. Higher you go on the triangle, less you consume those items. 

Bateta Vada Removed

The first item to be removed from my diet was Bateta Vada (Aloo Bonda, Potato Bonda).

You see, I am very fond of eating and also good at making Bateta Vada. My bateta vadas are popular with members of my family and friends. I had made bateta vadas as a bachelor in Veraval, when I had invited a few friends for an afternoon tea on a Sunday. The accompaniment was red Garlic chutney. (see my hub”) They liked it so much that soon the word was spread around town about my bateta vadas. Since then I have added many variations in the preparation, so many that I can publish a small book about that.(As an engineer of the power house in this small town, I was well known to the staff of government and semi-government organizations and business community)

Well, now the bateta vadas had to go but the Garlic chutney can stay.

So now I have added Pudla as an accompaniment to the red Garlic chutney. (See my hub

Diabetes Recipe Books

Every now and then I bought a book of recipes suitable to my diet. However, being a vegetarian and used to Indian style of spicy food, none of the books was satisfactory.

After all these years, and now having crossed the age of 75, I cannot change my habit and fondness of spicy food.

Make Them Happy and Comfortable

I have realised that there may be many like me, who are wanting to be comfortable and find delicious Indian recipes suitable for their diet. Indian vegetarian food is getting popular even in the western culture.

So I am pretty sure this will be an useful contribution to the civilization as it progresses and You have the opportunity to be a part of it by contributing a recipe.

With regards

Pravin Vaghani


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